Comprehensive Examinations

Comprehensive Exam Dates for the 2013-14 & 2014-15 Academic Years

For 2014-15:
August 25 - 29, 2014
January 19 – 23, 2015
June 22 – 26, 2015

Students may take either a 5 day take-home or a 4 hour sit-down exam. The 4 hour sit-down exam takes place on the first day of the examination period. Students must notify and meet with the area committee no later than 8 weeks before the exam date. A
Comprehensive Examination Request Form must be submitted to the Graduate Office, confirming that the meeting has taken place.

Area Committees and Reading Lists June 2015 & 2015-16


Crime, Deviance and Socio-legal Studies

  Committee Members 2014-15: Ronit Dinovitzer (chair), Phil Goodman, Julian Tanner
Reading List August 2013-December 2014 (& January 2015)



Committee Members 2014-15: Adam Green (chair), Anna Korteweg, Judith Taylor
Committee Members 2015-16: Bonnie Fox (chair), Hae Yeon Choo, Judith Taylor
Reading List 2014-16

Health and Mental Health

  Committee Members 2014-15: Blair Wheaton (chair), Brent Berry, Markus Schafer
Reading List 2014-15


Immigration and Ethnicity

Committee Members August 2014 - June 15: Patricia Landolt (chair), Monica Boyd, Jeff Reitz
Reading List 2014-15

Networks and Community

Committee Members 2014-15: Bonnie Erickson (chair), Alexandra Marin, Markus Schafer
Reading List 2014-15

  Political Sociology
Committee Members 2014-15: Ito Peng (chair), Robert Andersen, Ron Levi 

  Reading List June-August 2014 (& January 2015-June 2015)

Sociology of Culture
Committee Members August 2014: Josée Johnston (chair), Clayton Childress, John Hannigan

Committee Members January 2015: Ann Mullen (chair), Josée Johnston, John Hannigan 

Committee Members June 2015: Ann Mullen (chair), Clayton Childress, Melissa Milkie

Reading List 2014-15


Stratification, Work and Labour Markets

Committee Members August 2014 - June 2015: Sandy Welsh (chair), Jennifer Chun, Julian Tanner
Reading List August 2013-June 2015

Qualitative Methods
Committee Members 2014-15: Ping-Chun Hsiung (chair), Jooyoung Lee, Judith Taylor
Reading List 2014-15

Quantitative Methods

Committee Members (August 2014-January 2015): Brent Berry (chair), Robert Andersen, Blair Wheaton

Committee Members (June 2015): Brent Berry (chair), Blair Wheaton, Geoff Wodtke
Reading List 2014-15

Sociological Theory
Committee Members June - December 2014: Jack Veugelers (chair), Vanina Leschziner, Erik Schneiderhan
Committee Members January – June 2015: Joe Bryant (chair), Vanina Leschziner, Erik Schneiderhan
Reading List 2013-15

For information on comprehensive exams in the following areas, Social Policy, Life Course & Aging, Urban Sociology and Social Demography, please contact the Associate Chair – Graduate Studies. Lists and committees for these four areas will be established when needed. Students wanting to take comps in these areas must notify the graduate office no later than 6 months before the exam date to ensure enough time for a committee and list to be established.


Social Policy


Committee Members 2014-15: Anna Korteweg (chair), Paula Maurutto, Ito Peng

Reading List 2014-15


Comprehensive Examination Policy

Click here to view the Department of Sociology Comprehensive Examination Policy.

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