2016-2017 Course Timetable

Fall term classes begin the week of September 12th. Registration opens August 1st.

Winter term classes begin the week of January 9th.

All classes will be held at the Department of Sociology, 725 Spadina Avenue, unless indicated otherwise.

Course length and weight are indicated by either 'H' or 'Y':
H = One-term course, which grants a half credit (e.g. SOC 6---HF)
Y = Two-term or three-term course, which grants a full credit (e.g. SOC 6---Y)

The term in which a course is offered during the Fall/Winter session is indicated by either 'F', 'S' or 'Y':
F = First-term/Fall-term course, which runs September to December (e.g. SOC 6---HF)
S = Second-term/Winter-term course, which runs January to April (e.g. SOC6---HS)
Y = Two-term course, which runs September to April, or three-term course, which runs May to April (e.g. SOC 6---Y)

* Courses in sequences are not prerequisites for later courses in the same sequence. For example, Network Analysis I is not a prerequisite for Network Analysis II.

Students outside the Department of Sociology must submit a Course Add form to the Sociology Graduate Office to request enrolment in Sociology courses. The form must be completed and signed by the student’s home Graduate Chair/Coordinator and the instructor of the course for the request to be considered.

Graduate Timetable 2016-2017 

*Day/Time tentative and subject to change

Fall 2016: Updated June 29, 2016
Course No. Course Title Instructor Day Time Location
SOC6002H Immigration I
M. Boyd
Tuesday 10am - 12pm Rm. 240
Sociological Theory I: Classical Sociological Theory S. Hoffman
1pm - 3pm
Rm. 240
Theory and Methods in Historical Sociology
J. Bryant
4pm - 6pm   
Rm. 240
SOC6024H Special Topics in Soc of Health: Networks and Health
M. Schafer Wednesday 10am - 12pm
Rm. 36
SOC6516H Sociology of Culture I
A. Mullen
Thursday 10am - 12pm Rm. 41
SOC6711Y Research Practicum
11am - 2pm Rm. 240
Ethnicity II N. Maghbouleh
10am - 12pm
Rm. 240
SOC6302H Stats for Sociologists + Tutorials
A. Miles
Friday 12-2pm/2-3pm Rm. 36


Winter 2017: Updated January 20, 2017
Course No. Course Title Instructor Day Time Location
Soc of Health: Categories, Concepts, and Methods of Sociological Life Course Research COURSE CANCELED C. Aybek
SOC6210H Political Sociology III: Social Movements COURSE CANCELED B. Brym
SOC6712H Qualitative Methods I  J. Lee
2pm - 4pm Rm. 240
SOC6017H Sociology of Families COURSE CANCELED
R. Salem  
SOC6013H Social Inequality I: Stratification G. Wodtke Monday 4pm-6pm Rm. 240    
SOC6711Y Research Practicum
11am - 2pm Rm. 240
SOC6707H Intermediate Data Analysis + Tutorial G. Wodtke Tuesday
2-4pm/4-5pm Rm. 240/ Rm. 36
Networks II
A. Marin
9am - 11am
Rm. 41
SOC6101H Sociological Theory II: Contemporary Sociological Theory V. Leschziner
Thursday 10am - 12pm Rm. 240
Feminist Methods
J. Taylor
Rm. 240
SOC6811H Seminar in Teaching C. Caron Thursday 2pm - 4pm
Rm. 240
SOC6023H Soc. of Mental Health    B. Wheaton   
12pm - 2pm
Rm. 240
Deviance and Control: Soc. of Prisons and Punishment
P. Goodman
1pm - 3pm
Rm. 240

Summer 2017: Updated Jan 12, 2017
Course No. Course Title Instructor Day Time Location
SOC6017H1F Soc. of Families  (Course begins May 2) R. Salem

Tuesday & Thursday

12pm-2pm  Rm. 240
SOC6119H1F Gender II (Course begins May 15) A. Green Monday & Friday       
4pm - 6pm
Rm. 240
SOC6520H1F Culture IV: Cultural Methods & Analysis  (Course begins May 2)
S. Baumann
Tuesday & Thursday 2pm - 4pm
Rm. 240