Welcome to Sociology at the University of Toronto

We are proud that our vibrant department is consistently the top-ranked Sociology Department in Canada, with internationally-renowned scholars who have an excellent track record for securing research funding, producing outstanding sociological research, and extensively mentoring our graduate students.

Our collegial atmosphere encourages innovation and rigour in research and teaching. Our community of scholars includes almost 60 faculty members, outstanding postdoctoral scholars and creative and engaged graduate students. We are growing, with six new faculty hires to be made this year, in addition to our new cohort of 13 Masters’ students and 11 Ph.D. students.

In addition to our unified Graduate Program, we have three independent undergraduate programs, one at each of the University of Toronto campuses (the downtown St. George campus, the University of Toronto at Mississauga, and the University of Toronto at Scarborough).

Giving to the Department

The Department of Sociology is pleased to announce the establishment of six scholarships. Contributions to these scholarships are very much appreciated. Please make your donations at: https://donate.utoronto.ca/give/show/63.

Faculty Legacy Scholarship Fund
Approximately 163 faculty members have served in the Department of Sociology from 1963-64 to 2012-13. They demonstrated academic excellence, achieved international recognition, and dedicated their energy to the highest standards of teaching and mentorship. This scholarship honors their important contributions.

S.D. Clark Scholarship
S.D. Clark helped establish the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto, becoming its first Chair in 1963. He was a historical sociologist who made important contributions to the study of Canadian society, particularly in the study of social movements and the relationship between economic development and the development of churches and sects.

Ann Marie Sorenson Scholarship
Until her untimely death in 2013, Ann Sorenson was a dedicated teacher and administrator in the Department of Sociology for more than 25 years. She served two terms as Associate Chair, Undergraduate and was widely admired for her teaching of statistics and research methods.

Raymond Breton Scholarship
Raymond Breton, a long-time faculty member in the Department of Sociology, is Canada’s leading student of ethnic diversity. He has contributed substantially to academic research and pressing public policy debates on French-English relations, immigrant communities, race relations, aboriginal peoples, and bilingualism.

The Dennis Magill Canada Research Award
In honour of Professor Dennis Magill and his many contributions to the Department of Sociology, this annual award will support the best PhD dissertation or paper with a focus on Canadian society published or accepted for publication in a refereed journal by a PhD student in the Department.

The Robert Brym and Rhonda Lenton Scholarship
This scholarship will be presented annually, based on financial need and academic excellence, to a part-time undergraduate student majoring or specializing in sociology who is entering his or her third year of study.