Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral Candidates are PhD students who have completed their course work, and comprehensive exams, and have successfully defended their Dissertation proposal



Salina Abji
Emerging Citizenships: Efforts to Address Violence against Non-Status Women in Toronto
Committee: Korteweg (supervisor), Landolt, Taylor 


Katelin Albert
Technologies of Sexuality: A School-Based Ethnography of the HPV Vaccine in Toronto, Canada 
Committee: Choo and Korteweg (co-supervisor), Baber 


Louise Birdsell Bauer
Precarious Professionals: Non-Tenure-Track Faculty in Southern Ontario Universities 
Committee: Cranford (supervisor), Fox, Chun 



Judy Beglaubter
Negotiating Fathercare: Exploring Parental Leave Use by Canadian Fathers
Committee: Fox (supervisor), Taylor, Johnston 

James Braun thumbnail  

James Braun
"Local Culture" and the Problem of Coordination: The Case of Jamaica's Diasporic Real Estate Market
Committee: Landolt (supervisor), Salem, Trotz  



Holly Campeau
Theorizing "Police Culture": An Institutional Analysis of the Police Department
Committee: Levi (supervisor), Kruttschnitt, Johnston 


Sarah Cappeliez
Diffusing Terroir: A Comparative Case-Study of the Role of Terroir in Food and Wine in France and Canada
Committee: Johnston (supervisor), Baumann, Pilcher



Catherine Cheng
Intimate Frontiers: Chinese Marriage Migrants, Citizenship and Labour in Taiwan and Hong Kong
Committee: Hsiung (supervisor), Choo, Cranford



Steven Cook
A Comparative Analysis of the Violent Victimization Experiences of Street and School Youth
Committee: Tanner (supervisor), Brownfield, Wortley (U of T Criminology) 

 Meghan Dawe


Meghan Dawe
Stratification in the Legal Profession: Social Capital and the Exclusion of Women, Visible Minority, and Immigrant Lawyers
Committee: Dinovitzer (supervisor), Levi, Welsh



Kim de Laat
Mesa-Level Influences on Creativity
Committee: Baumann (supervisor), Leschziner, Phillips (Columbia Business


Jennifer Elrick
Family/Class: State-Based Boundary Work around Immigration and National Identity in Germany and Canada Since 1955
Committee: Korteweg (supervisor), Landolt, Reitz

 Athena Engman


Athena Engman
Organ Transplantation and the Variability of 'Embodied' Experience
Committee: Leschziner (supervisor), Silver, Bryant, Schneiderhan

 Omar Faruque


Omar Faruque
Mining Capitalism and Contentious Politics in Bangladesh
Committee: Hannigan (supervisor), Johnston, Schneiderhan


Melissa Godbout
Corruption, Employment Inconsistency, and Getting Ahead
Committee: Anderson, Veugelers, Brym




Joshua Harold
Mnemonic Boundaries: Historical Experience and Ethnic Boundary Making
Committee: Fong (supervisor), Silver, Baumann

Sean Hayes 2016  

Sean Hayes
Ethnic Concentration & Labour Market Outcomes in Early 20th Century Canada
Committee: Jones, Marin, Bryant



Steven Hayle
Harm Reduction Policy in Canada and the UK
Committee: Tanner (supervisor), P. Erickson, Hermer

Angela Hick
Mark of the Non-conviction Record: Police Contact and Employment Experiences
Committee: Welsh and Hannah-Moffat (co-supervisors), Goodman


Alice Hoe
Working in Bad Jobs: Immigrants in the Canadian Economy
Committee: Boyd, Cranford, Milkie

 Andreas Hoffbauer


Andreas Hoffbauer
Theorizing Novelty: Innovation Processes in Architectural Firms and Early Stage Tech Startups
Committee: Schneiderhan (supervisor), Silver, Childress News


Alexandra Hunter
Continuum of Carelessness: Paradoxes of Mental Health Care in Corrections
Committee: Hannah-Moffat, Goodman, Matheson 



Nathan Innocente
Organizational Risk and Mortgage Fraud
Committee: Welsh (supervisor), Dinovitzer, Hannah-Moffat


James Jeong
A Special Type of Social Control?: Explaining Victimization and Delinquent Behaviors of Immigrants and Their Children.
Committee:  Boyd and Tanner (Co-supervisors), Fong

 Marie-Pier Joly


Marie-Pier Joly
The Effects of Contexts of Exit on the Economic Incorporation and Mental Health of Migrants in Canada
Committee: Wheaton and Landolt (co-supervisor), Reitz



Yang-Sook Kim
The Politics of Care: A Comparative Study of Co-ethnic and Local Women Workers in the Domestic and Long-term Care Market of South Korea
Committee: Cranford (supervisor), Choo, Chun



Amy Klassen
Ordering 'Disorder': The Correctional Management of Difficult Inmates in Provincial Prisons
Committee: Hannah-Moffat (supervisor), Goodman, Maurutto


Katarina Kolar
Differentiating the Drug Normalisation Framework
Committee: P. Erickson (supervisor), Green, Kruttschnitt



Emily Laxer
Democratic Struggles and the National Identity Formation: The Politics of Secularism in France and Quebec
Committee: Korteweg (supervisor), Boyd, Schneiderhan

ChangZLin2017 Chang Z. Lin
Theorizing Dormancy
ommittee: Erickson (supervisor), Schafer, Marin

 Elise Maiolino


Elise Maiolino
Identity Matters: A Critical Analysis of Political Leaders in Canada
ommittee: Taylor (supervisor), Baumann, Welsh


Maria Majerski
Networks of Mobility and Constraint: The Social Capital, Economic Integration and Occupational Outcomes of International Migrants in Canada 
Committee: Erickson, Wellman, Fong

Mitchell Mcivor  

Mitchell D. McIvor
Student Debt & Canadian University Graduates' Transition to the Labour Market: Historical Trends & the Role of Scoio-Economic Background 
Committee: Anderson, Brym, Wodtke



Diana Miller
Gendering Cultural Fields
Committee: Cranford (supervisor), Leschziner, Erickson 

Jaime Nikolaou Jaime Nikolaou
Gauging Longevity: Indicators from Canada's Reproductive Health Movement
Committee: Taylor (supervisor), Fox, Pettinicchio



Joanne Nowak
Moving Beyond the Lone Skilled Migrant: Establishing a Social Model of Skilled Migration and Integration Through a Case Study of Ghanaian Nurses
Committee: Cranford (supervisor), Landolt, Boyd

Merin Oleschuk  

Merin Oleschuk 
Health and Cooking in Value and Practice: A Mixed Methods Study of Food in Family Life.
Committee: Johnston (Supervisor), Baumann, and Milkie  News



Kristie O'Neill
A New Doctrine of Development
Committee: Schneiderhan (supervisor), Silver, Johnston, Baber

 Agata Piekosz


Agata Piekosz
Polish Catholic Priests in Canada and Ireland: Migration, Leadership, and the Mobility of Strangers
Committee: Korteweg and Bodemann (co-supervisor), Taylor



Marianne Quirouette
Risks, Needs and Reality Checks: Problem Solving Work with Multiply Disadvantaged People in Conflict with the Law
Committee: Hannah-Moffat (supervisor), Goodman, Maurutto



Cristian Rangel
In the Name of Health: Physicians Advocacy on Behalf of the Vulnerable 
Committee: Korteweg (supervisor), Leschziner, Albert (U of T Public Health)



Ali Rodney
Healthy is the New Thin: Representations of Feminity on Healthy Living Blogs
Committee: Johnston (supervisor), Baumann, Power (Queens Sociology)

Kerri Scheer


Kerri Scheer
Producing Law and Governance: A case study of the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario Disciplinary Process
Committee: Maurutto (supervisor), Goodman, Valverde

Rachel Schumann 
Families as Civilian Jailers: Exploring Accused-Family Relationships within the Context of Bail in Ontario 
Committee: Kruttschnitt (supervisor), Goodman, Dinovitzer

Sarah Shah Sarah Shah 
Negotiating Power in Muslim Couples: Gender Strategies, Religious Resources, and New Bargaining Contexts 
Committee: Salem and Korteweg (co-supervisors), Baber



Katie Stuart-Lahman
Sexual Minority Status and Mental Health Among American Youth: Understanding How Social Context Influences Sexual Identity and Mental Health
Committee: Wheaton (supervisor), Green, Schafer



Chris Tatham
Sexuality, Human Rights, Prevention and the Criminalization of Non-Disclosure of HIV in Canada
Committee: Green (supervisor), Maurutto, Kruttschnitt



Siyue Tian
Living Arrangements and Intergenerational Supports Among Immigrant and Canadian-born Seniors
Committee: Boyd (supervisor), Cranford, Schafer



Jenna Valleriani
'The Green Rush': Social Movements, Entrepreneurship and the Emerging Medical Cannabis Industry in Canada
Committee: Kruttschnitt (supervisor), P.Erickson, Dinovitzer 

Lawrence Williams  

Lawrence Williams
Meaning at Work: How Expectations Shape Careers
Committee: Leschziner (supervisor), Korteweg, Tilcsik (Rotman)


Burin Yildiztekin
The Liminality, Mundanity and Sacredness of Place: The Case of the Western Wall
Committee: Silver, Baumann, Ragab (Harvard)


 Tony Zhang 2  

Tony Zhang
Contextual Effects and Support for Liberalism: A Comparative Analysis
Committee: Brym (Supervisor), Andersen, and Zhang News

PhD Students (pre-dissertation) 

Amny Athamny

Aya Bar Oz

Philip Badawy
Tyler Bateman

Rene Bogovic
Gordon Michael Eric Brett 

Milos Brocic   
Kusang Burgess 

Brigid Ellen Kealey Burke 

Fernando Calderon Figueroa 

Elisha May Corrigan

Amanda Lynn Couture-Carron 

Miranda Elizabeth Doff 

Marie-Lise Drapeau-Bisson 

David Galano 
Cinthya Guzman

Bahar Hashemi 
Mo Ismailzai   

Storm Jeffers 
Timothy Kang

Jonathan Kauenhowen 
Noga Keidar 

Hammad Khan 
Jonathan Tomas Koltai 

James Gerald Patrick Lannigan 
Patricia Louie 

Martin Lukk 
Gabriel Menard News

Andreea Mogosanu 
Atsushi Narisada 

Jean-Francois Nault 

Paul Andrew Nelson 

Andrew Nevin 
Jason Edward Pagaduan 

Matthew Parbst 
Shawn Perron 

Taylor Price
Paul Pritchard 

Kaitlyn Quinn Kate Rozad 

Ioana Sendroiu
Jason Settels

Anna Slavina  
Lance Stewart

Haosen Sun
Yukiko Tanaka

Samia Tecle
Spencer Underwood


Laura Upenieks  

Anelyse Weiler News

Mei-Yen Wong 
Angela Xu 

MA Students

Erika Canossini  

Chandra Dawn Erickson

Marie-Andree Hamelin

Robyn Jones

Yasmin Koop-Monteiro

Patrick Daniel Leduc

Laila Omar 

Jessica Stallone

Jelena Tubin 

Catherine Tze Hsuan Yeh