The University of Toronto Sociology Working Papers are prepublication working papers reporting on current research by faculty members and graduate students in the tri-campus Sociology Department at the University of Toronto.

All of these papers have previously been presented at a conference or other professional meeting. They are posted here for the timely dissemination of research results. These papers have not undergone full peer review and may later appear in a somewhat different form in scholarly journals. We began the working paper series in 2016.

Copyright is held by the authors.

Wodtke, Geoff Regression-Based Adjustment for Time-Varying Confounders December 2016. 
Abstract \
Keywords: marginal structural models, structural nested mean models, inverse probability of treatment weighting, regression with residuals, time-varying confounders

Hoffman, Steve G.  and Paul Durlak, The Shelf Life of a Socio-Technical Disaster: Post Fukushima Policy Change in the United States, France and Germany September 2016. 
Abstract \ Article
Keywords: disaster, Fukushima, nuclear energy, policy change, risk, technology

Kervin, John and Mark Easton, Sex and the Single Worker: Who's Cynical about Work-Life Balance? June 2016. 
Abstract \ Article
Keywords: work-life balance, gender, household structure

Liu, Sida, Overlapping Ecologies: Professions and Development in the Rise of Legal Services in China July 2016. 
Abstract \ Article
Keywords: profession, development, ecology, lawyer, China

Wodtke, Geoff and Matthew Parbst, Does School Poverty Mediate the Effects of Neighborhood Context on Academic Achievement during Childhood? July 2016. 
Abstract \ Article
Keywords: neighbourhoods, schools, academic achievement, poverty, mediation, childhood