In a globalized world, the movements of populations have become more commonplace than ever. The impacts of immigration on group dynamics, urban structures and national strategies are profound.

The study of immigration and ethnic relations seeks to understand these systems and relationships. It explores ethnic identities and communities, and the social, political, economic and cultural dimensions of the immigration experience. Research in this area acknowledges the central role that patterns of immigration have in determining the nature of ethnic relations in North America. It recognizes that the study of race and ethnicity also involves the study of inequality—of the unequal distribution of power and resources within our society.

Faculty members whose area of specialization is the study of immigration and ethnicity are: Brent Berry, Monica Boyd, Hae Yeon Choo, Cynthia Cranford, Bonnie Erickson, Eric Fong, Philip GoodmanAnna Korteweg, Patricia Landolt, Jeffrey ReitzLuisa Schwartzman  and Jack Veugelers.