The causes and consequences of class inequality have been and continue to be a long-standing central concern of sociology. Faculty in this area teach and carry out research on inequality and the occupational conditions – both the work settings and the societal-level features of the labor market – that play an integral role in shaping the patterns of inequality.


Faculty members whose area of specialization is the study of Stratification, Work and Labour Markets are: Bob Andersen, Bernd Baldus, Monica Boyd, Cynthia Cranford, Ronit Dinovitzer, Bonnie Erickson, Bonnie Fox, Harriet Friedmann, Philip Goodman, Ping-Chun Hsiung, John Kervin, Vanina Leschziner, Alexandra Marin, Ann Mullen, John Myles, Jeff Reitz, Scott Schieman, and Sandy Welsh.