Courses with E indicator

Courses with E indicator

SOC has a few courses with an E indicator (as marked in the Timetable). You do not enrol in these courses using ROSI, but instead enrol through the Department of Sociology.

An "E" means that either the course requires permission of the instructor to enrol, or that it is an Independent Research course.

This page describes the enrolment procedure for courses requiring permission of the instructor.


  1. Check the course description and verify that it requires permission of the instructor. The description may also have some of the instructor's expectations for prerequisites, background, and reasons for interest in the course.
  2. Contact the instructor to arrange for a meeting and/or interview.
  3. If the instructor approves your enrolment, she/he will have a form for you to fill out and sign. This form is your official request for the course, and must be completed in order for the Department to enrol you. It is required in place of ROSI enrolment. Leave the form with your instructor.
  4. The earlier you contact the instructor, the better. Theoretically, the instructor may be accepting students from the time the course is announced up until the last day to add a course in the session (course deadlines can be found in the Timetable). However, due to fluctuations in demand and many other factors, it is impossible to predict when all of the spaces will be filled. For your best chances, make arrangements with the instructor early! The instructor has no obligation to consider you if the course has been filled before this date.
  5. Whether or not a waiting list is maintained is at the discretion of the instructor. When finalizing your meeting with the instructor, be clear as to whether you are accepted into the course, or are eligible but on a waiting list (if she/he has chosen to keep one). If you are waiting, you may wish to select another course on ROSI until you get enrolment confirmation from the instructor, and then drop the "holding" ROSI course.