Sociology Major

The code for the Sociology Major program is ASMAJ1013

Sociology Major (Arts Program) - 7.0 FCEs in Sociology

This is a limited enrolment program that can only accommodate a limited number of students.  Eligibility will be competitive and based on a student’s final grade (minimum average of 65%) in 1.0 SOC FCE at the 100-level. Achieving the 65% mark does not guarantee admission to the program in any given year.

NOTE: Students cannot combine a Sociology Major program with another Sociology program (Specialist or Minor) for their degree.

Entry Requirements:

1.    A minimum combined average of 65% in 1.0 SOC FCE at the 100-level

Completion requirements:

1.    1.0 SOC FCE at the 100-level

2.    SOC201H1, SOC202H1, and SOC204H1

3.    1.0 FCEs from SOC251H1, SOC252H1, and SOC254H1

4.    1.0 SOC FCEs from 300-level "Program-Only" courses (rotating list every year)

5.    0.5 SOC course at the 400-level

4.    An additional 2.0 SOC FCEs at the 200 or 300-level, 0.5 of which must be at the 300-       level, i.e., 1.5 SOC FCEs at the 200 or 300 level and 0.5 SOC FCE at the 300 level.