Subject POSt Enrolment

Subject POSt Enrolment

Here are some important information that applies to SOC POSts in general. This information is intended for University of Toronto students. If you are not yet a student at UofT, please find links for prospective students at the Arts & Science links page.

Degree requirements

Please see the Degree Requirements page in the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar.

Subject POSt requirements

Before you enrol in the POSt, you need to meet the entry requirements. All students must be enrolled in a subject POSt at the completion of their first year.

The Sociology POSt

The Sociology minor, major, and specialist programs are Type 2L Subject POSts. This means that there is a limited number of students accepted into the programs, and having the minimum entry requirement does not guarantee acceptance into your program of choice.

The Arts and Science Registrar's Office provides further information on Subject POSt Enrolment