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Prof Christian Caron teaching in Convocation Hall on the U of T campus
Professor Christian Caron teaching in Convocation Hall on the St. George campus

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Our first year courses introduce students to the concepts and methods that sociologists use in analyzing and understanding the social world. Students are challenged to rethink their assumptions as they explore the various topics studied and approaches used across the discipline.

Second year courses allow students to explore a particular area in depth and learn more about the research methods that sociologists use to understand the social world.

Our 300-level and 400-level courses delve deeply into specific topics and provide students with advanced skills development in critical thinking, analysis, and academic writing. In addition to our regular courses, students may also enroll in an Independent Research Course to pursue a specific topic of interest.

Each year, we offer a rotation of "New Topics in Sociology" courses at the 200, 300 and 400 levels. These courses teach up-to date research and highlight areas of our faculty's research expertise. See this year's New Topics in Sociology.


Many of our courses offer students the experience to conduct their own research. Students might also apply to the University of Toronto Excellence Awards program to work with a faculty member during the summer term.

Study Abroad

Students who wish to take courses through a Study Abroad Program should consult with the transfer credit office. If the course you wish to take is not listed there, please submit a detailed syllabus of the course to the undergraduate chair, Christian Caron, for assessment.

Course Offerings

Check the Arts & Science course calendar for restrictions, exclusions and for course descriptions, and the Arts & Science Timetable for course locations.


Fall and Winter 2022–23 Courses

Course Session Course Title Section Schedule Instructor
SOC100H1 F  PDF iconSOC100H1F - Introduction to Sociology I - Sociological Perspectives - L2101-L2201 (PDF) L2101/L2201 Asynchronous Christian Caron & Mitch McIvor
SOC100H1 F  PDF iconSOC100H1F - Introduction to Sociology I - Sociological Perspectives - L0101-L2000-L2001 (PDF) L0101/L2000/L2001 W12-2 Christian Caron  & Mitch McIvor
SOC100H1 S  PDF iconSOC100H1S - Introduction to Sociology I - Sociological Perspectives - L0101-L2001.pdf L0101/L2001 T6-8 Mitch McIvor
SOC150H1 S  PDF iconSOC150H1S - Introduction to Sociology II - Sociological Inquiries - L0201.pdf L0201 Asynchronous Mitch McIvor
SOC150H1 S  PDF iconSOC150H1S - Introduction to Sociology II - Sociological Inquiries - L0101-L2001.pdf L0101/L2001 W12-2 Scott Schieman
SOC196H1 S  PDF iconSOC196H1S - Thinking Through the Sociological Canon.pdf L0101 T12-2 Cinthya Guzman
SOC198H1 F  PDF iconSOC198H1F - How the Social Informs the Political (PDF) L0101 T12-2 Sebastien Parker
SOC199Y1 Y  How We Use Time in Everyday Life L0101 W4-6 William Michelson
SOC201H1 F  PDF iconSOC201H1F - Classical Sociological Theory - L5101 (PDF) L5101 Synchronous: T6-9 Joseph Bryant
SOC201H1 F  PDF iconSOC201H1F - Classical Sociological Theory - L0101 (PDF) L0101 W2-5 Steven Hayle
SOC201H1 S  PDF iconSOC201H1S - Classical Sociological Theory.pdf L5101 T6-9 Cinthya Guzman
SOC202H1 F  PDF iconSOC202H1F - Introduction to Quantitative Methods - L0101 (PDF) L0101 Asynchronous Fedor Dokshin
SOC202H1 F  PDF iconSOC202H1F - Introduction to Quantitative Methods - L0201 (PDF) L0201 T2-4 Sharla Alegria
SOC202H1 S PDF iconSOC202H1S - Introduction to Quantitative Methods.pdf L0101 W10-12 Jonathan Horowitz
SOC204H1 F  PDF iconSOC204H1F - Introduction to Qualitative Methods - L0101 (PDF) L0101 M12-2 Sebastien Parker
SOC204H1 F
PDF iconSOC204H1F - Introduction to Qualitative Methods - L0201 (PDF)
L0201 Synchronous: TH2-4 James Lannigan
SOC204H1 S
PDF iconSOC204H1S - Introduction to Qualitative Methods.pdf
L0101 M12-2 Yoonkyung Lee
SOC205H1 F  PDF iconSOC205H1F - Urban Sociology (PDF) L0101 W12-2 Brent Berry
SOC207H1 F  PDF iconSOC207H1F - Sociology of Work and Occupations (PDF) L5101 M6-8 Sharla Alegria
SOC209H1 S  PDF iconSOC209H1S - Sexuality and Modernity.pdf L0101 TH4-6 Adam Green
SOC210H1 F  PDF iconSOC210H1F - Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (PDF) L0101 M10-12 Yukiko Tanaka
SOC212H1 S  PDF iconSOC212H1S - Sociology of Crime and Deviance.pdf L0101 F12-2 Storm Jeffers
SOC214H1 S  PDF iconSOC214H1S - Sociology of the Family.pdf L0101 T12-2 Jillian Sunderland
SOC220H1 F  PDF iconSOC220H1F - Social Stratification (PDF) L0101 W10-12 Jonathan Horowitz
SOC240H1 F  PDF iconSOC240H1F - Sociology of Law (PDF) L0101 F12-2 Ronit Dinovitzer
SOC243H1 F  PDF iconSOC243H1F - Sociology of Health (PDF) L0101 Synchronous: T10-12 Brigid Burke
SOC246H1 S  PDF iconSOC246H1S - Sociology of Aging.pdf L0101 W12-2 Sarath Chandrasekere
SOC249H1 S PDF iconSOC249H1S - Sociology of Migration.pdf L5101 Synchronous: M6-8 Yukiko Tanaka
SOC250Y1 Y PDF iconSOC250Y1Y - Sociology of Religion (PDF) L5101 W6-8 Joseph Bryant
SOC251H1 F PDF iconSOC251H1F - Contemporary Sociological Theory (PDF) L0101 W2-5 Sebastien Parker
SOC251H1 S PDF iconSOC251H1S - Contemporary Sociological Theory.pdf L5101 T6-9 Sarath Chandrasekere
SOC252H1 F PDF iconSOC252H1F - Intermediate Quantitative Methods (PDF) L0101 T2-4 Blair Wheaton
SOC252H1 S PDF iconSOC252H1S - Intermediate Quantitative Methods.pdf L0101 T10-12 Monica Alexander
SOC254H1 F PDF iconSOC254H1F - Intermediate Qualitative Methods (PDF) L0101 TH2-4 Sebastien Parker
SOC254H1 S Intermediate Qualitative Methods in Sociology L0101 W2-4 Jooyoung Lee
SOC270H1 S PDF iconSOC270H1S - Introduction to Social Networks.pdf L0101 M2-4 Fedor Dokshin
SOC280H1 F PDF iconSOC280H1F - Sociology of Culture (PDF) L0101 T12-2 Vanina Leschziner
SOC297H1 F PDF iconSOC297H1F - New Topic- Canadian Society (PDF) L5101 TH6-8 Mitch McIvor
SOC298H1 S PDF iconSOC298H1S - New Topic - Sociology of Organizations.pdf L0101 TH10-12 Alicia Eads
SOC305H1 F PDF iconSOC305H1F - Sociology of Professions (PDF) L0101 F10-12 Ronit Dinovitzer
SOC308H1 F PDF iconSOC308H1F - Global Inequality (PDF) L5101 Synchronous: T6-8 Brigid Burke
SOC312H1 F PDF iconSOC312H1F - Population and Society (PDF) L0101 TH12-2 Brent Berry
SOC318H1 S PDF iconSOC318H1S - Theories of Stratisfication.pdf L0101 F9-12 Jonathan Horowitz
SOC323H1 S PDF iconSOC323H1S - Economic Sociology.pdf L0101 M3-6 Shawn Perron
SOC326H1 F PDF iconSOC326H1F - Social Control (PDF) L5101 M6-9 Natalia otto
SOC332H1 F PDF iconSOC332H1F - Lives in Canada (PD) L0101 TH3-6 Bonnie Erickson
SOC340H1 S PDF iconSOC340H1S - Comparative Political Sociology.pdf L0101 TH9-12 Maria Finnsdottir
SOC344H1 F PDF iconSOC344H1F - Sociology of Everyday Life (PDF) L0101 TH9-12 Lance Stewart
SOC348H1 S PDF iconSOC348H1S - Culture and Inequality.pdf L0101 TH12-3 Bonnie Erickson
SOC350H1 F PDF iconSOC350H1F - New Topic - Analyzing and Interpreting Evidence in Sociology (PDF) L0101 TH12-3 Blair Wheaton
SOC350H1 S PDF iconSOC350H1S - New Topic - Sociology of Legal Careers.pdf L0101 M12-3 Ronit Dinovitzer
SOC351H1 F PDF iconSOC351H1F - New Topic - Sociology of Sports (PDF) L0101 T12-3 Christian Caron
SOC352H1 F PDF iconSOC352H1F - New Topic- Comparative Social Policy and Generalized Health (PDF) L0101 M12-3 Valerie Damasco
SOC352H1 S PDF iconSOC352H1S - New Topic - Ethnoracial Inequality in Health.pdf L0101 W12-3 Harvey Nicholson
SOC353H1 S PDF iconSOC353H1S - New Topic - Urban Policy.pdf L0101 T12-3 Prentiss Dantzler
SOC354H1 S New Topics in Sociology: Sociology of Gun Violence L0101 W9-12 Jooyoung Lee
SOC356H1 S PDF iconSOC356H1S - Sociology of Technology.pdf L0101 M4-6 Rui Hou
SOC360H1 S PDF iconSOC360H1S - Social Movements.pdf L5101 Synchronous: W6-8 Maria Finnsdottir
SOC363H1 S PDF iconSOC363H1S - Sociology of Mental Health.pdf L0101 TH2-4 Blair Wheaton
SOC365H1 F PDF iconSOC365H1F - Gender Relations (PDF) L0101 T4-6 Adam Green
SOC367H1 S PDF iconSOC367H1S - Race, Class, and Gender.pdf L0101 T4-6 Sharla Alegria
SOC370H1 F PDF iconSOC370H1 - Immigration and Employment (PDF) L0101 M2-4 Tania Ruiz-Chapman
SOC386H1 F New Topics in Sociology: Sociology of Hip Hop L0101 W2-4 Jooyoung Lee
SOC389H1 S PDF iconSOC389H1S - Sociology of Scandals.pdf L0101 M10-12 Ronit Dinovitzer
SOC394H1 S PDF iconSOC394H1S - New Topic - Social Determinants of Health.pdf L0101 T10-12 Harvey Nicholson
SOC395H1 S PDF iconSOC395H1S - New Topic - Sociology of the City.pdf L0101 TH12-2 Prentiss Dantzler
SOC408H1 S PDF iconSOC408H1S - Advanced Studies in Organizations.pdf L0101 W10-12 Natalie Adamyk
SOC409H1 S PDF iconSOC409H1S - Sexuality and Research Design.pdf L0101 T4-6 Adam Green
SOC412H1 F PDF iconSOC412H1F - Medicalization of Deviance (PDF) L0101 M4-6 Brigid Burke
SOC465H1 F PDF iconSOC465H1F - Advanced Studies in Gender (PDF) L0101 TH4-6 Jaime Nikolaou
SOC481H1 S PDF iconSOC481H1S - Culture and Social Networks.pdf L0101 T2-4 Bonnie Erickson
SOC485H1 F New Topics in Sociology: Sociology of Martial Arts L0101 Synchronous: W10-12 Jooyoung Lee
SOC489H1 F PDF iconSOC489H1F - New Topic - Sociology of Creativity (PDF) L0101 F2-4 Gordon Brett
SOC489H1 S PDF iconSOC489H1S - New Topic - Incarceration, Relationships, Policy, and Society in Canada.pdf L5101 W6-8 Storm Jeffers
SOC493H1 F PDF iconSOC493H1F - New Topic - Community Development (PDF) L0101 W12-2 Prentiss Dantzler
SOC493H1 S PDF iconSOC493H1S - New Topic - Sociology of the Environment and Social Justice.pdf L0101 F10-12 Tyler Bateman
SOC494H1 S PDF iconSOC494H1S - New Topic - Policy and Inequality in Post-Secondary Education.pdf L5101 TH6-8 Mitch McIvor
SOC495H1 S PDF iconSOC495H1S - New Topic - Work in the Digital Age.pdf L5101 M6-8 Sharla Alegria
SOC496H1 S PDF iconSOC496H1S - New Topic - Energy, Climate Change, and Society.pdf L0101 M10-12 Fedor Dokshin
SOC497H1 S PDF iconSOC497H1S - New Topic - Advanced Quantitative Methods.pdf L0101 W3-6 Cassandra Barber
SOC498H1 F PDF iconSOC498H1F - New Topic - Advanced Qualitatitve Methods (PDF) L0101 T3-6 Jaime Nikolaou
SOC499H1 F PDF iconSOC499H1F - New Topic - Sociology of Disability (PDF).pdf L5101 T6-8 Tanya Titchkosky


Syllabi from Previous Years

Our syllabus archive contains the syllabi from courses offered since 2012.