Tenure Stream and Teaching Stream

The University of Toronto employs some of the top scholars in Sociology across a range of subfields. We welcome qualified applicants to peruse our current postings listed below. If you’d like to know more about coming here as a faculty member, take a look at the Areas of Research Expertise created for faculty across all disciplines.

Currently Open Positions:



Each job advertisement lists an undergraduate campus. The University of Toronto has three campuses. The oldest one is downtown and is called the St. George campus (because it is centered on St. George St.). The other two campuses are in the suburbs, one in the west (UTM) and one in the east (UTSC). The three campuses have distinct undergraduate programs but faculty from all three campuses come together for graduate teaching and research activities. Decades ago, the suburban campuses envisioned themselves as distinct liberal arts colleges without a research mandate. Now, however, all three campuses have the same research and teaching expectations and all carry the same degree of prestige.

Together, we form the largest sociology department in the world. It might seem disingenuous to claim this if we are spread out over three campuses but we really do operate as one department and have a truly vibrant intellectual community that spans the campus distinctions.

The campus departments make their own decisions about hiring priorities and the search committees are dominated by members from that campus (though people from all campuses come to job talks and provide feedback on searches in their areas of interest). If you are invited to an on-campus interview, you can expect to spend one day at the St. George campus where the graduate program operates and the other day at the undergraduate campus of appointment.