Undergraduate Summer Timetable

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Summer 2022 Courses

Course Code Section Course Title Schedule Enrol Cap* Instructor
SOC100H1F LEC0101 Introduction to Sociology I: Sociological Perspectives TTH10-1 200 Christian Caron
SOC150H1S LEC5101 Introduction to Sociology II: Sociological Inquiries MW6-9 100 Cinthya Guzman
SOC201H1F LEC5101 Classical Sociological Theory TTH6-9 50 Joseph Bryant
SOC202H1F LEC0101 Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Sociology MW12-3:30 50 Melissa Hunte
SOC204H1F LEC5101 Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Sociology MW6-9 50 James Lannigan
SOC208H1S LEC0101 Intro to Social Policy TTH1-3 50 David Pettinicchio
SOC210H1S LEC0101 Ethnic Relations MW3-5 50 Yukiko Tanaka
SOC212H1S LEC0101 Sociology of Crime & Deviance MW10-12 75 Storm Jeffers
SOC240H1F LEC0101 Sociology of Law TTH12-2 50 Ronit Dinovitzer
SOC251H1S LEC5101 Contemporary Sociological Theory TTH6-9 50 Joseph Bryant
SOC252H1S LEC0101 Intermediate Quantitative Methods in Sociology MW12-4 30 Melissa Hunte
SOC254H1S LEC5101 Intermediate Qualitative Methods in Sociology MW6-9 - IP 40 Man Xu (Angela)
SOC270H1F LEC0101 Introduction to Social Networks MW11-1 50 James Lannigan
SOC282H1F LEC0101 Introduction to Social Problems MW2-4 50 Josh Harold
SOC311H1F LEC5101 Immigration and Race Relations in Canada MW5-7 40 Yukiko Tanaka
SOC326H1S LEC5101 Social Control TTH6-9 35 Natalia Otto
SOC345H1S LEC0101 Global Inequality MW4-7 35 Brigid Burke
SOC354H1F LEC0101 New Topics: Sociology of Sports TTH1-4 35 Christian Caron
SOC360H1S LEC5101 Social Movements TTH5-7 40 Sebastien Parker
SOC365H1F LEC0101 Gender Relations Asynchronous 40 Adam Green
SOC367H1S LEC0101 Race, Class, and Gender TTH2-4 40 Bahar Hashemi
SOC422H1S LEC0101 Advanced Studies in Political Sociology MW1-3 15 Sebastien Parker
SOC485H1F LEC0101 New Topics: Sociology of Creativity MW12-2 15 Gordon Brett
SOC486H1S LEC0101 Advanced Studies in Urban Sociology TTH3-5 15 Fernando Calderon
SOC495H1F LEC0101 New Topics: Sociology of Boredom TTH10-12 15 Cinthya Guzman


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