Listing of Recent Graduate Student Publications

Our graduate students regularly have their research published in a variety of sociological journals. Below is a list of graduate student publications from our department. 

If you are a current Graduate Student in the department who has recently been published in an academic journal, please complete the Graduate Student Publication Information Form.

Author(s) Date Title of Publication Journal
Alexa Carson October 2022 A Pressure Release Valve: South Korean Long-Term Care Policy as Supplemental to Family Elder Care Journal of Aging & Social Policy
Pamela Tsui September 2022 Erotic capabilities: A feminist analysis of sexual justice and pleasure in heterosexual sex partying Sexualities
Rebecca Lennox September 2022 Doing Crime Prevention, Doing Gender: Canadian Women’s Responses to Police-Produced Gendered Crime-Prevention Messaging British Journal of Criminology
Geoffrey T. Wodtke, Sagi Ramaj, Jared Schachner August 2022 Toxic Neighborhoods: The Effects of Concentrated Poverty and Environmental Lead Contamination on Early Childhood Development Demography
Andy Holmes July 2022 When Victims Look Like Criminals: Rehumanizing Victim Representation in the Bruce McArthur Serial Killer Case Journal of Canadian Studies
David Chen April 2022 A theory of dialectical transnational historical materialism for China’s state capitalism and the China–US rivalry Third World Quarterly
Umaima Miraj March 2022 For a Revolutionary Feminist World-Systems Analysis: The Case of Ghadar Journal of World-Systems Research
Sagi Ramaj December 2021 Neighbourhood effects and the labour market outcomes of immigrant men in same-sex couples The Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies