Completed PhD Dissertations

Book cases lining the main hallway of the Sociology DepartmentThe dissertation is the capstone piece of the PhD education. It represents an independent and original piece of scholarship and demonstrates the doctoral candidate's mastery of both content material and the research process. Doctoral candidates complete their dissertation after finishing coursework, passing their comprehensive exams and receiving approval for their thesis proposal from their dissertation committee.

Students work closely with their PhD supervisor and committee while conducting their PhD research and in writing the dissertation. The final product typically consists of three article-length chapters, an introduction and a conclusion.

We have been awarding doctorates in Sociology since 1963. The following table contains a list of dissertations completed since 2010. Most of the dissertations are available to the public in full text form in the university's data repository T-Space.


Last Name First Name Year Graduated Dissertation Title
Abdalrahmanalaraj (Araj) Bader 2011 Harsh State Repression And Suicide Bombing: The Second Palestinian Intifada (Uprising), 2000-05
Abji Salina 2017 Emerging Logics of Citizenship: Activism in Response to Precarious Migration and Gendered Violence in an Era of Securitization
Albert Katelin 2019 Technologies of Sexuality: The HPV Vaccine and an Investigation into Parental Responsibility, Progressive Sex-Education, and Adolescent Girls’ Subjectivities
Alexandrescu Filip Mihai 2012 Human Agency in the Interstices of Structure: Choice and Contingency in the Conflict over Roşia Montană, Romania
Armstrong Paul Alexander 2013 Species of Science Studies
Badawy Philip 2022 A "Holy Grail" of Work and Family Life? Complicating Schedule Control as a Resource
Baker Jayne 2013 Girl Power, Boy Power, Class Power: Class and Gender Reproduction in Elite Single-Gender Private Schools
Beglaubter Judy 2019 Negotiating Fathers’ Care: Canadian Fathers’ Leave-Taking as Conformity and Change
Birdsell Bauer Louise 2018 Precarious Professionals: Non-Tenure-Track Faculty in Southern Ontario Universities
Blumer Nadine Veronique 2011 From Victim Hierarchies to Memorial Networks: Berlin's Holocaust Memorial to Sinti and Roma Victims of National Socialism
Braun James 2022 Local Culture" and the Problem of Coordination: The Case of Jamaica's Diasporic Real Estate Market
Cappeliez Sarah 2018 More than just a Fine Drink: Processes of Cultural Translation, Taste Formation and Idealized Consumption in the Wine World
Campeau Holly 2016 Policing in Unsettled Times: An Analysis of Culture in the Police Organization
Chai Lei 2022 Work-Family Multitasking, Work-Family Conflict, and Health: Three Longitudinal Studies in Canada
Chan Elic 2014 Mahjonging Together: Distribution, Financial Capacity, and Activities of Asian Nonprofit Organizations in Canada
Cheng Catherine 2018 Intimate Frontiers: Chinese Marriage Migrants and Contested Belonging in Hong Kong and Taiwan
Chong Philipa 2014 Understanding Critics: Evaluation from the Perspective of Book Reviewers
Chua Vincent Kynn Hong 2010 Social Capital And Inequality In Singapore
Cook Steven 2017 Taking It To The Streets: A Comparative Analysis Of Violent Victimization, The Victim-Offender Overlap, And The Victim- Fear Relationship Among School And Street-Involved Youth In Toronto
Cote Rochelle Renee 2011 Making Their Way in the Mainstream: Indigenous Entrepreneurs, Social Capital and Performance in Toronto's Marketplace
Couture-Carron Amanda 2020 Adolescent Offending: How Growing Up Disadvantaged Matters Across Immigrant Generations
Curtis Josh 2014 Class Identification in Modern Democracies: A Comparative Study of its Sources and Effects
Dawe Meghan 2018 Stratification in the Canadian Legal Profession: The Role of Social Capital and Social Isolation in Shaping Lawyers’ Careers
De Laat Kim 2017 The Shape Of Music To Come:Organizational, Ideational, And Creative Change In The North American Music Industry, 1990-2009
Drappeau-Bisson Marie-Lise 2022 Iconicity, Commemoration and Aesthetic Evaluation: The Case of the Reception of Québec’s Feminist “Big Book” L’Euguélionne
Easton Mark 2015 Gender-Pay Inequality and Organizational Culture: A Multi-Organizational Analysis of Job-Evaluation Data
Elrick Jennifer 2016 Family/Class: Race and Third-Order Immigration Policy Change in Post-War Canada
Engman Athena 2022 Organ Transplantation and the Variability of 'Embodied' Experience
Faruque Omar 2019 Mining Capitalism and Contentious Politics in Bangladesh
Fidler Bruno Tara Leah 2012 Controlled, Encouraged or Adrift? Sources of Variation in Adolescent Substance Use
Frederick Tyler Jarret 2012 Deciding How to Get By: Subsistence Choices among Homeless Youth in Toronto
Garcia del Moral Paulina 2016 Feminicidio, Transnational Legal Activism and State Responsibility in Mexico
Glavin Paul 2012 Perceived Job Insecurity and Health Across the Life Course
Hahmann Tara 2015 Contextualizing Unconventional Beliefs And Ritual Activity: A Case Study Of Moderate Risk And Problem Slot Machine Gamblers
Harold Joshua 2020 A Genesis of Jewishness: Collective Memory, Identity Work, and Ethnic Boundary Making among Jews in Toronto
Hawkins Naoko Shida 2014 Nativity Status and the Relationship between Education and Health: The Role of Work-Related and Psychosocial Resources
Hayle Steven 2017 Towards A Sociology Of Harm Reduction: A Comparative Study Of Drug Policy Change In Canada And The United Kingdom Between The Years 1985 and 2017
Ho Lok See (Loretta) 2012 On Cultural Capital: Fine Tuning the Role of Barriers, Timing and Duration of Socialization, and Learning Experiences on Highbrow Musical Participation
Hoe Alice 2017 Working in "Bad Jobs": Immigrants in the New Canadian Economy
Hoffbauer Andreas 2018 Innovative by Design: How Organizations Can Sustain Continual Innovation in Highly Competitive Markets
Innocente Nathan 2016 The Perfect Storm: Institutional and Organizational Antecedents of Title Fraud in Ontario
Joly Marie-Pier 2017 Contexts of Exit and the Mental Health and Economic Incorporation of Migrants in Canada
Kaida Lisa (Risa) 2012 Pathways to Successful Economic Integration: The Dynamics of Low Income and Low Wages among New Immigrants to Canada
Kang Timothy 2020 Partners and Crime: Contemporary Unions and Desistance from Crime During the Transition to Adulthood
Kennedy Tracy Lee Musing 2011 Weaving the Home Web: A Canadian Case Study of Internet Domestication
Kennedy Liam 2015 "Reflections From Exile": Exploring Prisoner Writings at the Louisiana State Penitentiary
Kim Yang-Sook 2020 Competing Subjectivities: A Comparative Study of Low-paid Care Workers in Greater Seoul and Los Angeles Koreatown
Klassen Amy 2018 Correctional Officer Training and the Secure Containment of Risk and Dangerousness in a Canadian Provincial Jurisdiction
Kolar Katarina 2018 Differentiating the Drug Normalization Framework: A Mixed Methods Investigation of Substance Use among Undergraduate Students in Canada
Koltai Jonathan 2018 Socioeconomic Status, Stress Exposure, and Psychological Well-Being: Complexities in the Stress Process
Knudson Sarah Kathryn 2012 Cosmo Girls, Cheetah Boys and Creatures Unlike Any Other: Relationship Advice and Social Change in North America
Laxer Emily 2016 A Nation’s Dilemma: Party Politics and the Production of Nationhood, Belonging and Citizenship in France’s Face Veil Debate
Lin Chang Z. 2022 Theorizing Dormancy
Louie Patricia 2020 Complicating Race in the Study of Mental and Physical Health
Maas Mark van der 2015 Sociology and the Problems of Problem Gambling Research: Connecting private troubles to public issues
MacKendrick Norah 2011 The Individualization of Risk as Responsibility and Citizenship: A Case Study of Chemical Body Burdens
Magnan Andre Jean Raymond 2010 The Canadian Wheat Board and the creative re- constitution of the Canada-UK wheat trade: wheat and bread in food regime history
Maiolino Elise 2017 Identity Politicking: New Candidacies and Representations in Contemporary Canadian Politics
Majerski Maria 2017 Networks of Mobility and Constraint: The Economic Integration of New Immigrants to Canada
McIvor Mitchell D 2018 Student Debt and the University-to-Workforce Transition: The Role of Risk and Socio-Economic Background
Miller Diana 2016 Creative Producers and Gender Relations: A Field Analysis of Two Grassroots Music Scenes
Milligan Scott 2014 Socially Cohesive Nations: Evidence from the Individual, Community and National Levels
Mo Guang Ying 2015 How Does Diversity Impact Innovation in Research Network? A Multilevel Study of the GRAND NCE
Montazer Shirin 2012 Country of Origin as a Modifier of the effect of Generation and Length of Residence on the Mental Health Outcomes of Immigrants to Canada
Moyser Melissa 2015 How Socioeconomic Status Shapes Individuals' Experiences of the Work-Family Interface in Canada
Nagra Baljit 2011 Unequal Citizenship: Being Muslim and Canadian in the Post 9/11 Era
Narisada Atsushi 2019 The Social Antecedents and Consequences of the Sense of Distributive Injustice
Nault Jean-Francois 2021 Culture and Private School Choice: Uncovering the Cultural Dimensions of School Choice as Action
Nevin Andrew 2022 New Directions in Cyber-Criminology: Evaluating Alternative Explanations for Online Deviance
Nowak Joanne 2016 Extending the Social Model of Migration and Incorporation to Include Migrant Occupational Communities: The Case of Ghanaian Nurses
Oleschuk Merin 2020 Domestic Foodwork in Value and Practice: A Study of Food, Inequality and Health in Family Life
O'Neil Kristie 2018 The Relational Economy of Changing Diets: Reframing the Nutrition Transition
Patterson Matt 2015 Icons and Identity: A Study of Two Museums and the Battle to Define Toronto
Piekosz Agata 2016 Polish Catholic Priests in Canada and Ireland: Migration, Leadership, and the Mobility of Strangers
Pikkov Deanna Lea 2011 The Practice of Voting: Immigrant Turnout, the Persistence of Origin Effects, and the Nature, Formation and Transmission of Political Habit
Kaitlyn Quinn 2021 “Good intentions pave many roads. Not all of them lead to hell”: An investigation of Canadian voluntary organizations’ work with criminalized women
Quirouette Marianne 2017 Risks, Needs and Reality Checks: Problem Solving Work with Multiply Disadvantaged People in Conflict with the Law
Rangel J. Cristian 2018 Reluctant Subjects: The Place of Gay Men in Canadian Media Discourse on HIV
Reid Sarah 2013 Women, Work, and Family: Estimating Married Women's Status Achievement over their Careers
Rodney Alexandra 2017 Healthy is the New Thin: The Discursive Production of Women’s Healthy Living Media
Rozad Cain Kate 2022 Spoiled Identity? Exploring Stigma and Reentry following Wrongful Imprisonment
Sendroiu Ioana 2020 Managing Crisis: Decision-making, Memory, and Legality in Post-World War Two France and Romania
Settels Jason 2019 The Multi-contextual Effects Through Which Environmental Economic Declines Impact Older Persons’ Quality of Life
Schumann Rachel 2020 Extending Carceral Control Pre-conviction: The Reception, Resistance, and Repercussions of Being Legally Responsible for People Accused of a Crime
Shah Sarah 2019 Defining, Refining, and Enacting Religious Reflexivities in Pakistani-Canadian Muslim Families
Shen Jing 2013 The Joint Use of Formal and Informal Job Search Methods in China: Institutional Constraints, Working Mechanisms, and Advantages
Shvarts Alexander 2010 Elite Entrepreneurs From The Former Soviet Union: How They Made Their Millions
Slavina Anna 2019 Repertoires of Political Action: Examining the Role of National Context and Culture
Sun Haosen 2022 Social Networks in the Aging Process: Geographical Structure, Support Exchanges and Turnovers in Europe
Tian Siyue 2016 Living Arrangements and Intergenerational Support Among Immigrant and Canadian-born Seniors
Upenieks Laura 2019 Probing the Religion-health Connection: Integrating Insights from the Life Course Perspective and Social Networks
Valleriani Jenna 2017 ‘Staking a Claim’: Legal and Illegal Cannabis Markets in Canada
Weiler Anelyse 2020 The Periphery in the Core: Cider Production, Labour, and Agrarian Livelihoods in the Pacific Northwest
Whitehead Krista Lee 2013 Great Expectations: Maternal Ideation, Injustice and Entitlement in the Online Infertility Community
Williams Lawrence 2019 Thinking through Dilemmas
Wray Dana 2022 How Do Work-Family Policies Shape Parents’ Time with Children?
Young Marisa 2013 The Impact of Neighbourhood Context on Work-Family Conflict and Psychological Distress
Yule Carolyn Frances 2010 Mothering in the Context of Criminalized Women's Lives:Implications for Offending
Zhang Tony 2017 Contextual Effects and Support for Liberalism: A Comparative Analysis