Previous Comprehensive Area Committees and Reading Lists


Area Reading List Exam Exam Date Chair Member Member
PDF iconSociology of Crime and Law (PDF) PDF iconCrime and Law Exam (PDF) August 2020 Maurutto Liu Goodman
February 2021 Maurutto Liu Goodman
PDF iconGender (PDF) PDF iconGender Exam (PDF) August 2020 Choo Taylor Cranford
February 2021 Choo Cranford Green
PDF iconHealth and Mental Health (PDF) PDF iconHealth and Mental Health Exam (PDF) August 2020 Wheaton Schafer Magee
February 2021 Wheaton Schafer Magee
PDF iconImmigration, Race, Ethnicity (PDF) PDF iconImmigration, Race, Ethnicity Exam (PDF) August 2020 Farah Schwartzman Maghbouleh Shams
February 2021 Maghbouleh Berrey Shams
PDF iconNetworks and Community (PDF)   August 2020 Schafer Dokshin Erickson
February 2021 Schafer Dokshin Smith
PDF iconPolitical Sociology (PDF) PDF iconPolitical Sociology Exam (PDF) August 2020 Veugelers Pettinicchio Lee
February 2021 Veugelers Pettinicchio Lee
PDF iconSociology of Culture (PDF) PDF iconCulture Exam (PDF) August 2020 Baumann Johnston Silver
February 2021 Baumann Johnston Silver
PDF iconWork, Stratification, and Markets (PDF)   August 2020 Cranford Pernell Gallagher Alegria
February 2021 Cranford Pernell Gallagher Alegria
PDF iconQualitative Methods (PDF)   August 2020 Hermer Fields Elcioglu
February 2021 Hermer Fields Elcioglu
PDF iconQuantitative Methods (PDF)   August 2020 Miles Alexander Spence
February 2021 Miles Alexander Spence
PDF iconSociological Theory (PDF) PDF iconSociological Theory Exam (PDF) August 2020 Silver Leschziner Liu
February 2021 Silver Leschziner Liu


In recent years, because students have requested it, we have also offered comprehensive exams in PDF iconLife Course and Aging (PDF)PDF iconEnvironmental Sociology (PDF)PDF iconSociology of Families (PDF), PDF iconSocial Policy (PDF), and PDF iconUrban Sociology (PDF).