For International Students

Welcome to the community of international students of the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto! Transitioning to a new city—let alone an entirely new country—can be very challenging. The Sociology Department is home to a rich international community of students and scholars from around the world. You will find faculty members and students inspired by global issues, transnational solidarity and mobility across borders. The Department and the University of Toronto offer a series of events and resources designed to build international community engagement and help international students feel welcome in Toronto, and Canada more broadly. The University of Toronto also hosts various research centers, groups, and institutes that focus on global regions other than North America, such as South Asia or Latin America, granting our community an opportunity to engage with other disciplines and standpoints. To learn more about events, resources, and opportunities available for international students the Graduate Sociology Students' Association (GSSA) can be reached at  

International Student Award Opportunities

The School of Graduate Studies offers various funding opportunities for international students. For more information, visit the International Awards and the Award Opportunities of our website. The School of Graduate Studies International Portal also offers various resources to assist potential and current students. 

Further, the Centre for International Experiences (CIE) offers a range of programs and services to support international students.