Admission Information

The Department of Sociology encourages domestic and international students to apply for graduate study. As an academic community that strives to be welcoming and inclusive, we especially encourage students historically underrepresented in sociology to apply. Please see our Funding page for more information about the Graduate Distinction Scholarship available to incoming Black and Indigenous Students.

Potential Supervisors

Applicants are not required to secure a supervisor prior to admission. As part of the application process applicants are asked to list faculty they would be interested in working with (up to three). Additionally, the Statement of Interest provides an opportunity for applicants to lindicate any faculty they wish to eventually be supervised by and/or work with.

MA Program

The objective of the MA program is to help students develop their theoretical perspectives and research skills. The program provides solid training for those who plan to work in positions requiring research skills in the public and private sectors. It also provides a strong foundation in sociological training for those who plan to pursue a doctoral degree in sociology. Students achieve the objectives of the MA program by taking a well designed sequence of courses, working as research assistants to professors, and attending seminars organized in the Department.


We admit about 10 students into the MA program each year and typically have about 150 applications. To be admitted, you should have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Most students that we admit achieved an A average in their undergraduate studies and have some research experience. Many, but not all of them, have BAs in Sociology. We prefer students who have taken at least five full year courses (or 10 half-year courses) in Sociology at the undergraduate level. We like to see a good background in statistics and some sociology coursework, especially Sociological Theory.

The online admissions application opens on October 1st annually. The deadline to complete the application process (with payment and all supporting documents) is December 1st. We do not make any exceptions for missing the deadline. Note that there is a $125 application fee.  See more detailed application information.

Students can choose to take the program on a part-time or full-time basis. If you plan to take the part-time option you will need to reach out to the graduate office to make this request at for approval. Part-time students are required to complete all course requirements within five years from date of entry. Part-time students must be able to take courses offered during normal working hours, as this is when course are offered. Full-time MA students have twelve (12) months to complete the program. The program begins in September; we do not admit new students to the January term.

Students may apply to do a collaborative MA by applying to Sociology and to one of our collaborative programs.

PhD Program

The objective of the PhD program is to prepare candidates for a career in teaching and research by providing training to conduct theoretically informed and methodologically sophisticated state-of-the-art sociological research. Graduates from the program will be able to conduct independent research and to communicate their research in a variety of contexts. To this end, the program is designed to provide both a broad knowledge of the discipline and training in basic research. Students are expected to have acquired autonomy in conducting research, preparing scholarly publications, and participating in professional conferences.

These objectives are achieved through a combination of course work, participation in seminars, preparation of comprehensive examinations, paid work as research and teaching assistants, conference presentations, and supervised dissertation research.


We admit 12-15 students into the PhD program each year and typically have over 100 applications. To be admitted, you should have an MA in Sociology or a related degree from an accredited university with an overall average of at least A-.

The online admissions application opens on October 1st annually. The deadline for completing the application process (with payment and upload all supporting documents) is December 1stWe do not make any exceptions for missing the deadline. Note that there is a $125 application fee.  See detailed information about the application process.

Although extremely rare, the Department may recommend admission directly after completion of a four-year BA degree. Direct entry of this kind will only be recommended for outstanding students who have provided a clear and detailed plan for thesis research. Students who enter the doctoral program directly from a four-year BA will be required to take the three half-courses that are required at the MA level in addition to the standard PhD requirements.

How to Apply