Recurring Events

Speaker Series and Area Workshops

Each year the Department's colloquium committee arranges to invite several prominent speakers to visit and present their research. Faculty and graduate students in particular area groups also sometimes invite speakers and regularly meet as a group to workshop their own papers.

Professional Development and Social Events

Periodically, the graduate office presents professional development events for graduate students or faculty. These address topics such as grant-writing, conference preparation and preparing an academic cv. We also hold social events a couple of times each year to help faculty and graduate students become acquainted in a more casual setting.

Please review the events listing page for details on specific events.

The S.D. Clark Symposium

The Department's S.D. Clark Chair in Sociology, currently held by Professor Robert Brym, coordinates an annual event that draws on current scholarship in Sociology to address pressing issues in the field and Canadian society. View schedules for the S.D. Clark Symposium.

Joint Symposium on Global Health and Care

Thinking globally about health, care work and related social policy requires a shift in sociological thinking. This symposium asks what sociology has to offer to the study of global health and care, including what it has already contributed, what it might yet contribute, and what might be gained from a more systematic or programmatic consideration of “the global.”

The symposium will take place on the evening of July 13th and the full day of July 14th, which is the day before the commencement of International Sociological Association meetings in Toronto. View the schedule.