Congratulations to graduate students receiving SSHRC fellowships

August 3, 2021 by Victoria Shi

This year, eight of our PhD students received funding from SSHRC. This funding will provide them with support for one to four years. Although all students in the University of Toronto graduate programs have a guaranteed funding package, receiving a SSHRC fellowship provides additional funding and allows them reduce the number of hours devoted to teaching and research assistantships so that they can focus on their dissertation research. All of our PhD students apply for external funding and receive training in developing proposals.

2021 SSHRC Doctoral Scholarship Recipients

Name Topic
Franklynn Bartol Gender in the brain, feminism in the lab: How gender politics are shaping contemporary neuroscience
Erika Canossini Towards a Sociology of Clemency: An Exploration of Pardons in Canada and US.
Maria Finnsdottir Radical Women: Gendered Citizenship, National Identity, and the Scandinavian Radical Right
Elliot Fonarev Mapping belonging in queer experiences in Canada
Jordan Foster Fashion's Front Row: Social Media Influencers and Status in the Digital Era
Andrew Holmes From Protests to Parades? Shifting Directions for Canadian LGBTQ Social Movements 
Sara Hormozinejad ‘Home’ Makers: Belonging and the Precarity of Citizenship for Afghan Migrants in Iran 
Umaima Miraj Women and Ghadar: A Revolutionary Feminist World-Systems Analysis

Recipients from previous years among our current students

Amny Athamny, Anson Au, Phil Badaway, Tyler Bateman, James Braun, Milos Brocic, Eugene Dim, Miranda Doff, Marie-Lise Drappon-Bisson, Soli Dubash, Athena Engman, Ali Greey, Cinthya Guzman, James Jeong, Hammand Khan,  Rebecca Lennox, Gabe Menard, Andreea Mogoanu, Jean-Francois Nault, Andrew Nevin, Jaime Nikolaou, Laila Omar, Sebastien Parker, Shawn Perron, Kayla Preston, Taylor Price, Paul Pritchard, Kate Rozad, Kerri Scheer, Jillian Sunderland, Yukiko Tanaka, Samia Tecle, S.W. Underwood, and Dana Wray.