Congratulations to Professor Jack Veugelers for winning the ASA's Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Book Award!

August 11, 2021 by Victoria Shi

Professor Jack Veugelers' new book recently received this year's ASA Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Book Award in the Political Sociology section. The book is titled "Empire's Legacy: Roots of a Far-Right Affinity in Contemporary France." Professor Jack Veugelers is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on right-wing extremism and the politics of immigration in Canada and Europe (especially France and Italy). We've included the abstract of the book below from his publisher, Oxford Scholarship Online:

"Building on the idea of latent political potential, this book offers an alternative interpretation of the contemporary far right. Its main thesis is that relations between colonizers and colonized implanted a legacy that, under certain conditions, translated into support for the far right in France. To make this argument, the book offers a model for the study of political potentials that combines a situational approach to identity relations, a networks approach to subcultural practice, and a historical approach to political opportunity. The early part of this book traces the origins and development of this potential among the European settlers of French Algeria. The middle part examines its transmission via voluntary associations and its channeling into mainstream parties. The latter part examines the conditions under which this potential redirected into the far right. Starting with colonial Algeria, after independence in 1962 the book moves between politics at three levels: France, the southeast region, and Toulon (which in 1995 became the largest city in postwar Europe to elect a far-right administration). Complementing economic explanations for nativism, this book argues that our understanding of modernity errs when it disregards the potency of anachronistic remnants."