Ph.D. Student Jillian Sunderland was interviewed for the CBC Ideas podcast "Man up the Masculinity Crisis." 

July 13, 2023 by Vansh Singh Ruhela

Jillian Sunderland, an SSHRC and OGS doctoral scholar, was interviewed for a CBC Ideas podcast episode, "Man up the Masculinity Crisis, Part 3," with other leading PhD student Jillian Sunderlandexperts on masculinities. This 3-part series created by CBC producer Mary O'Connell explores the state of masculinity and its crises tendencies from past to present. CBC Ideas is broadcast to a Canadian and international audience sharing the voices and insights of leading academics, thinkers, innovators, and social activists through in-depth interviews and captivating storytelling. CBC Ideas fosters dialogue by bridging the divide between specialized knowledge and broader public discourse. 

Sunderland's opinions were sought based on her doctoral work and recent sole-authored publication "Fighting for Masculine Hegemony: Contestation between Alt-Right and White Nationalist Masculinities on Stormfront," available as open access and free to read — Sage Open Access. In this work, Sunderland brings attention to nuances, differences, and contestation in the masculinities that populate the far right, revealing how the recent surge in social media and proliferation of websites targeting a male audience have spread male supremacist language into many communities. Notably, Sunderland's remarkable research findings and her unique perspective as a marginalized scholar studying the far right were also featured in an interview with U of T News, where she eloquently discussed the challenges and opportunities of exploring this domain. Her work serves as an invaluable resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of contemporary masculinities and the dynamics at play in our society.

Speaking of the motivation young men have in joining far right movements, Sunderland states:

You can be sending Twitter messages all day and meeting like-minded people. So it is very exciting to be part of this new cultural shift that's always in the news, always provoking a reaction... they're part of this great reset, redefining masculinity, how to be a real man."

The Sociology Graduate Department extends its congratulations to Jillian Sunderland for her remarkable achievements and significant contributions to the field. Her dedication to rigorous research and her ability to provide insightful analysis is a testament to her expertise and unwavering passion for illuminating societal complexities. By sparking crucial conversations and fostering greater awareness, she paves the way for a more nuanced and inclusive understanding of gender dynamics in our society.

Sunderland's research and interviews serve as valuable resources for further exploration of this critical topic. For those eager to delve into Sunderland's profound insights, the CBC Ideas podcast episode CBC Man up the Masculinity Crisis, Part 3  and the CBC Radio's  'Man Up!': Examining the push to bring back traditional masculinity offer an engaging platform to explore the subject.