PhD Student Umaimi Miraj publishes "For a Revolutionary Feminist World-Systems Analysis: The Case of Ghada"

April 5, 2022 by Suzanne Jaeger

Sociology doctoral candidate Umaimi Miraj recently published “For a Revolutionary Feminist World-Systems Analysis: The Case of Ghada” in the Journal of World Systems Research. In the article, Miraj examínes how women's contributions to revolutionary anti-colonial movements remain limited, and often marginalized or forgotten. She proposes that feminist world-systems need to rethink theories of anti-systemic movements to better include women’s revolutionary roles as active agents in the historical process of colonial independence and decolonization. She also advocates for the importance of avoiding the co-optation of women's revolutionary agency by dominant liberal ideology. Miraj's theoretical position is illustrated through an analysis of the published periodicals of the anti-colonial Ghadar Party. As a case study, Miraj's analysis aims to demonstrate "how reviving a feminist world-systems analysis can help us better theorize women’s important but under-analyzed role in revolutionary anti-colonial movements."