Angelina Grigoryeva

Assistant Professor
725 Spadina, 333A; UTSC, MN6296


Fields of Study


Angelina Grigoryeva’s research interests include economic sociology, organizations, social demography, and inequality and stratification. Broadly, her research examines household economic lives in the context of large-scale socio-economic transformations, with a focus on both between- and within-household inequalities. Specifically, her research agenda can be organized around two themes. First, she examines changes in household economic lives in the course of financialization of the U.S. economy and their implications for inequality. Second, she examines how gender and race shape economic activity, including both paid work and unpaid family labor. Her research has appeared in American Sociological Review and American Journal of Sociology, has received research awards and funding from various organizations, and has been profiled in the media.

Angelina joined the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto in 2018. She received her PhD in Sociology with a Certificate in Demography from Princeton University and her B.A. in Sociology from the National University – Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia).

Recent Publications

  • Ruef, Martin, and Angelina Grigoryeva. Forthcoming. “Jim Crow, Ethnic Enclaves, and Status Attainment: Occupational Mobility among U.S. Blacks, 1880-1940.” American Journal of Sociology.
  • Grigoryeva, Angelina. 2017. “Own Gender, Sibling’s Gender, Parent’s Gender: The Division of Elderly Parent Care among Adult Children.” American Sociological Review 82(1): 116-146.
  • Grigoryeva, Angelina, and Martin Ruef. 2015. “The Historical Demography of Racial Segregation.” American Sociological Review 80(4): 814-842.