Prentiss Dantzler

Assistant Professor
725 Spadina, Room 378



School of Cities
Infrastructure Institute

Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

  • Housing Assistance Across the GTA – This project explores the spatial distribution of households receiving subsidies across the Greater Toronto Area. Using administrative data and interviews with tenants and administrators from the Toronto Community Housing Corporation, this study analyzes the effects of housing affordability and neighbourhood change on residential mobility and community satisfaction.
  • HOAs and Residential Exclusion – This project explores the role of homeowners’ associations and subsequent patterns of residential exclusion. Using data on HOAs, mortgage lending, and neighbourhood dynamics, this project analyses the relationship between HOAs and patterns of residential segregation among homeowners and renters.
  • Racial Capitalism and Urban Theory – This project explores the omission of racialization processes within urban theory by using racial capitalism as a theoretical intervention. This project places urban studies in conversation with theories from Black Sociology, Black Geographies, and Black Studies as a way to unearth the iterative relationship between race and class/racism and capitalism in producing the urban environment.