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Doctoral Candidates are PhD students who have completed their course work, and comprehensive exams, and have successfully defended their Dissertation proposals.

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Headshot of Ferdouse Asefi

Ferdouse Asefi
The Lions of Afghanistan: Experiencing the watan (homeland) through the Afghan-Canadian Diaspora
Committee: Farah Schwartzman (Supervisor), Berrey, Mojab

View of the Banting building on the St. George campus

Amny Athamny

Keeping It All A Halal Muslim Was Never Harder: Identity Formation Among Second Generation Muslims in Canadian Urban Centers
Committee: Landolt (Supervisor), Milkie, D. Silver

Olimpia Bidan
Toward a Holistic Understanding of Public Place Identity Formation
Committee: Berry (Supervisor), Lee, D. Silver

Aya Bar Oz Aya Bar Oz
The Sanctity of Life and Unsacred Death: Negotiating the Value of Life in the State Organization
Committee: Levi (Supervisor), Dinovitzer, D. Silver
Tyler Bateman Tyler Bateman
Naturalist Awakening: Disposition Formation and Autobiographical Storytelling in Naturalist Awakening to the Love of Nature, Practices to Protect Nature, and Environmental Justice
Committee: Johnston and Berrey (Co-Supervisors), Hannigan, Baber
Natalia Bittencourt Otto
Gender and Violence in the Narratives of Teenage Girls Working in Illicit Drug Economies in Brazil
Committee: Kruttschnit (Supervisor), Goodman, Levi
Rene Bogovic Rene Bogovic
The Polyvalence of Language in Ethnoracial Categorization: A Case Study of Afrikaans
Committee: Landolt (Supervisor), Farah Schwartzmann, Baber
Gordon Brett Gordon Brett
The Embodied Dimensions of Creativity
Committee: Leschziner (Supervisor), D. Silver, Mullen
Milos Brocic Milos Brocic
Expression in Politics
Committee: D. Silver (Supervisor), Veugelers, Miles
View of the Banting building on the St. George campus Brigid Burke
Violence and Interactional Boundary Work: Understanding, Controlling & Challenging Violence through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Committee: J. Lee (Supervisor), D. Silver,  Paradis
Fernando Calderon Figueroa Fernando Calderón Figueroa
The Spatial Context of Civic Engagement
Committee: D. Silver (Supervisor), Farah Schwartzman, Grigoryeva
View of the Banting building on the St. George campus

Erika Canossini
Towards a Sociology of Clemency: An Exploration of Pardons and Record Suspensions in Canada
Committee: Goodman (Supervisor), Levi, Owusu-Bempah

Alexa Carson Alexa Carson
Looking after los abuelos: How Latin American and Caribbean Immigrant Families Make Sense of Senior Care
Committee: Peng (Supervisor), Elcioglu, Milkie
Eduardo Cornelius
Lawyers and Penal Change: A Field Analysis of White-Collar Criminal Law Transformations in Brazil
Committee: Liu and Levi (Co-Supervisors), Smith
View of the Banting building on the St. George campus Yvonne Daoleuxay
Driving Hacks: Automation, Driverless Cars, and the Future of (Auto)mobility
Committee: D. Silver (Supervisor), Hoffman, Waslander
Maria Finnsdottir Maria Sigridur Finnsdottir
Radical Women? Investigating Gender Disparities on the European Radical Right
Committee: Veugelers (Supervisors), Y. Lee, Dokshin
Jordan Foster Jordan Foster
The Rich Kids of Instagram: Symbolic Wealth and Social Visibility in the Digital Era.
Committee: Johnston and Baumann (Co-Supervisors), Pettinicchio
Ali Greey

Ali Greey
Agency, Inequality, and Privilege: Examining the Experiences of Trans and Non-binary Youth in Elite K-12 Schools
Committee members: Fields (Supervisor), Choo, Alegria

Cinthya Guzman Cinthya Guzman
Boredom in (Inter)action: A Sociological Study
Committee: D.Silver (Supervisor), Milkie, Fosse, Schneiderhan
Headshot of Emily Hammond Emily Hammond
Dancing with Capitalism: Exploring the Lives of Students and their Experiences of Work
Committee: Taylor (Supervisor), Cranford, Cohen
Bahar Hashemi Bahar Hashemi
Women's Negotiations over Citizenship Rights in Mixed Status Families in Canada: The Case of Sponsored Spouses and Parents and Grandparents who Arrive through the Super Visa
Committee: Landolt (Supervisor), Cranford, Choo
Angela Hick Angela Hick
Mark of the Non-Conviction Record: Police Contact and Employment Experiences
Committee: Welsh and Hannah-Moffat (Co-Supervisors), Goodman
Storm Jeffers Storm Jeffers
On the Co-constitutionalism of Families & The Criminal Justice System: Narratives of Families as Penal Subjects & Penal Mediators
Committee: Goodman and Owusu-Bempah (Co-Supervisors), Flores
View of the Banting building on the St. George campus Hammad Khan
The Crescent Moon through Maple Trees: An Examination of Settlement and National Belonging for Pakistani-Canadian Newcomers
Committee: Schneiderhan (Supervisor), Korteweg, Maghbouleh
James Lannigan James Gerald Patrick Lannigan
Discourse and Structure: An Examination of the Organizational Identities and Networks of Contemporary Specialty Coffee Retailers
Committee: Erickson (Supervisor), Childress, Johnston

Jin A. Lee
How do Social Networks Shape Loneliness among Older Adults? Effects of Widowhood transitions, Precarious Network Forms, and Neighbor Networks
Committee: Schafer and Milkie (Co-Supervisors), Miles, Spence

Image of Youngrong Lee

Youngrong Lee
The Contested Making of Gig Workers: A Comparative Study of Global Capital in the Gig Economy in Seoul and Toronto
Committee: Cranford (Supervisor), Choo, Lee

Rebecca Lennox
“Better Safe Than Sorry”: Cis and Trans Women Do Gender and Respectability in the Street
Committee: Taylor (Supervisor), Johnston, Bryan

Headshot of Martin Lukk Martin Lukk
The Distributional Question in Contemporary Nationalism
Committee: Schneiderhan and Wodtke (Co-Supervisors), Pettinicchio, Leschziner
View of the Banting building on the St. George campus Andreea Mogosanu
Gender Inequality: Taking a Long View
Committee: Dinovitzer (Supervisor), Milkie, Pernell-Gallagher

Mitra Mokhtari

Mitra Mokhtari
Phil Goodman (Supervisor), Paula Maurutto, Tim Bryan

Jaime Nikolau Jaime Nikolaou
Gauging Longevity: Indicators from Canada's Reproductive Health Movement
Committee: Taylor and Korteweg (Co-Supervisors), Fox, Pettinicchio
Laila Omar Laila Omar
Exploring Times of Uncertainty and Future Projections For Syrian Refugee Mothers and Youths in Canada
Committee: Maghbouleh and Milkie (Co-Supervisors), Korteweg
Jason Pagaduan Jason Pagaduan
Mall Walking: Community, Pleasure, and Self-Preservation Among Racialized Older Adults
Committee: Baumann and Johnston (Co-Supervisors), Schafer
View of the Banting building on the St. George campus Matt Parbst
The Moderating Role of Social Policies on the Association between Social Inequalities and Mental Health: Evidence from the Effects of SES, Gender, and Marital Status on Depression
Committee: Wheaton (Supervisor), Milkie, Siddiqi, Boeckmann
Sebastian Parker Sebastien Parker
Continuity and Change in French Democracy
Committee: Veugelers (Supervisor), Dokshin, Fosse
Shawn Perron Shawn Perron
Moral Economies in Decline? Unions, Income Norms, and Inequality in American Communities
Committee: D. Silver (Supervisor), Dokshin, Pettinicchio, Wodtke
View of the Banting building on the St. George campus

Jennifer Peruniak
On the Margins: An Exploration of Transracial Adoptees Conceptualization of their Racial Identity Within White Adopting Families
Committee: Schwartzman (Supervisor), Elcioglu, Maghbouleh

Taylor Price Taylor Price
Songs and Songwriters in the Digital Age
Committee: Baumann (Supervisor), Leschziner, Childress
Headshot of Paul Pritchard

Paul Pritchard
Indigenous Education and the Youth Politics of Belonging
Committee: Landolt (Supervisor), Gaztambide-Fernandez, DeGagné

View of the Banting building on the St. George campus Patricia Roach
Andrea Roman-Alfaro Andrea Roman Alfaro
Navigating the Continuum of Violence: An Ethnographic Study of Women’s Experiences of Violence in Peru
Committee: Goodman (Supervisor), Flores (Co-Supervisor), Contreras, Taylor
Kerri Scheer Kerri Scheer
Producing Law and Governance: A case study of the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario Disciplinary Process
Committee: Maurutto (Supervisor), Goodman, Valverde
Lance Stewart Lance Stewart
What it’s Worth: Preferences and Expectations of Music Listeners in the Evaluation of Material Affordances.
Committee: Leschziner (Supervisor), D. Silver, Childress
Yuki Tanaka Yukiko Tanaka
Decolonizing Immigrant Settlement: Immigrant Belonging in the Settler State
Committee: Cranford (Supervisor), Farah Schwartzman, Adese
Samia Tecle Samia Tecle
A False Bifurcation?: Understanding Canada's Inland Asylum Determination and Refugee Resettlement as an Interconnected System
Committee: Schwartzman and Elcioglu (Co-Supervisors), Maghbouleh
Spencer Underwood S.W. Underwood
Modern Daddies and Papas: Family, Parenting and Masculinities among Gay Co-Fathers
Committee: Fox (Supervisor), Salem, Adam
View of the Banting building on the St. George campus Meiyen Wong
Assessing Victim Safety in the Processing of Concurrent Criminal and Family Law Cases in Canada’s Integrated Domestic Violence Court
Committee: Maurutto (Supervisor), Hannah-Moffat, Taylor
Man Xu Man Xu (Angela)
Explaining Chinese Independent Migration to Iran: Dynamic Migration Trajectories and Flexible Adaptation
Committee: Landolt and Hsiung (Co-Supervisors), Hermer
Catherine Yeh Catherine Yeh
Gender Inequality and Knowledge Production in the New Knowledge Economy
Committee: Baumann (Supervisor), Dokshin, Johnston

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