ASA 2024 Annual Meeting

When and Where

Friday, August 09, 2024 9:00 am to Tuesday, August 13, 2024 7:00 pm


We’re excited to announce that this year, the Sociology department at the University of Toronto is supporting 48 graduate students in presenting papers and organizing roundtables at the American Sociology Association’s annual meeting in Montreal! We also have 42 faculty members presenting research and participating in the conference. Listed below are the papers being presented by members of the University of Toronto’s Sociology department, with student and recent grad presenters listed in italics. The papers will be presented from August 9th through August 13th, with this year’s annual meeting theme being “Intersectional Solidarities: Building Communities of Hope, Justice, and Joy.”

Note that some of the papers detailed below have co-authors from other institutions not listed here. Full information about each of the papers being presented is now available in PDF form at the ASA website.

Friday, August 9th

Alegria, Sharla N. – Session Organizer: Gender, Professions, and Organizations Writing Workshop

Saturday, August 10th

Berrey, Ellen – “It’s Never Just the Name: How Student Activists Challenge White Supremacist Memorialization and Assert Dignity”

Eads, Alicia – Presider in Section Session: “Open Topic in Poverty”

Fields, Jessica – “From the Gut: Feeling Differently About Qualitative Research”

Goodman, Phil – Presider & Organizer in Sessions on Carcerality: “Labor Governance, and Prison Politics”; “Prisons, Race, and Inequality”

Horowitz, Jonathan – Meeting Organizer: “Section on Organizations, Occupations, and Work Mentoring Event”

Horowitz, Jonathan & Hamm, Jill – “Network Position Affects Social Status in Early Adolescence”

Kim, HaRyung – “Nation’s Daughter and Global Worker-Citizen: Gendered Citizenship of Cis- and Transgender Servicewomen in South Korea”

Leschziner, Vanina – Participant in Meeting: “Sociological Theory Editorial Board”

Leschziner, Vanina; Lukk, Martin; Marbach, Peter & Silver, Daniel – “A Formal Model of Social Influence”

Locklear, Sofia – Panelist in Book Forum: “Canada at a Crossroads: Boundaries, Bridges, and Laissez-Faire Racism in Indigenous-Settler Relations”

Marois, Sophie – “Commemorating Anti-Muslim Violence in Canada: Recognition and Repair in the ‘Great White North’”

Milkie, Melissa; Nabi, Shabnoor & Deeley, Amanda – “Safeguarding Kids for a ‘Good Life’: Gendered Dimensions of Parenting Work to Secure Children’s Futures”

Miller, Jason Augustus; Chen, Dawei & Shakespear, Mark – “Mobilizing Materialisms: New and Old Conception of the World and How to Change it”

Mullen, Ann & Li, Yifang – “Cultural Tastes and Cross-Racial Interactions”

Nachtigall, Rebecca – “Consumer Cultures of Solidarity: Imagining Connection and Building Community through Thrift Shopping”

Narisada, Atsushi & Schieman, Scott – “Spousal Pay Comparisons and Psychological Distress: The Mediating Role of Guilt and the Sense of Powerlessness”

Preston, Kayla – Panelist in Session: “Nationalisms in Canada”

Roman Alfaro, Andrea Mariana – Presenter in Workshop: “Funding, Publishing and Advancing your Career with Community-Engaged Research”

Shapiro, Ethan – “Brewing Niches: Towards a Cognitive-Field Theory of Market Emergence”

Shapiro, Ethan & Jennings-Fitz-Gerald, Emma – “Brewing Misconduct: Investigating Gender-Based Violence in the Craft Beer Industry”

Sunderland, Jillian – “Culture as Camouflage: Gender Violence in Canada’s National Police Force”

Trottier, Brody – "‘What Difference Does It Make?’ Debating Environment, Climate, and Ethical Consumption on TikTok"

Ugarte Villalobos, Daniela & Gül, Pelin – “Diversified Labor Struggles: Venezuelan Immigrant Mothers Navigating Uncertainty and Pandemic Constraints”

Sunday, August 11th

Berrey, Ellen – Panelist in Book Forum: “Getting to Diversity: What Works and What Doesn’t”

Burke, Brigid – “Maintaining Emotional Base: A case study of resilience and embodied emotion work in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu”; Presider in Paper Session: “Sociology of Sport II”

Chen, Dawei & Erickson, Bonnie H. – “A Survey Study of Race-Based Political Knowledge Across Three Racial Groups in Toronto”

Dantzler, Prentiss A. – Session Organizer: “Urban Inequalities Across Canada”; Session Organizer: “Community and Urban Sociology Section Reception”

Doering, Jan – Presider in Paper Session: “Urban Inequalities Across Canada”; Session Organizer: “Community and Urban Sociology Section Reception”

Doering, Laura & Delecourt, Solene – “The Temporal Fluidity of Gender Effects: Customers, Sellers, and Gender Stereotypes in Market Interactions”

Dubash, Soli; Schafer, Markus H. & Kyeremeh, Emmanuel – “Advice Inequality in Ego-Centric Networks: Do Gender Dynamics Matter?”

Eads, Alicia – “Corporate Financialization in Canada”; Table Presider in Roundtable: “Financialization”

Gül, Pelin – “Beyond Left-Right Cleavages: Xenophobic Liberalism and Pro-Refugee Conservativism in Türkiye”

Guzman, Cynthia J. – “Experiencing Boredom: A study of identity, meaning-making, and sociocultural contexts”; Presider in Roundtable: “Teaching the Core”

Guzman, Cynthia J. & Parker, Sebastien – “Teaching Trade-Offs: Getting Students ‘in the Field’”

Henry, Léo – The nation in the field: The latent structuring effect of Nationality in Estonia”

Horowitz, Jonathan; Parker, Sebastien & Henry, Léo – “The Labor Market Context of International Migration and Educational Attainment: The French Case”

Kim, Joonsik – “Financialization of Central Banking: The Rise of the Bank of Korea as the Global Creditor, 1997-2007”

Lannigan, James – “Clusters and crema: The networks of independent Canadian coffee retailers”

Levi, Ron – Organizer of Joint Reception: Sections on Crime Law, and Deviance; Law; Human rights; Peace, War, and Social Conflict; Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity

Li, Yang – The Divided Perceptions of Urban Public Spaces in a Divided City

Liang, Jiarui & Horowitz, Jonathan – “Capitalizing On Time or Playing Catch-up? University Students’ Extension-Asking Behaviours as Cultural Capital”

Liu, Sida; Au, Anson & Tsui, Pamela – “Crisis as Opportunity: Legal Career Paths at Two Historical Turning Points in Hong Kong”

Lukk, Martin – Presider in Paper Session: “Rise of the Far Right”

Magee, William – “Affective Polarization Around Environmental & Trans-Rights Issues and its Association with Moral Distress”

Maroto, Michelle Lee; Pettinicchio, David & Lukk, Martin – “Disability-based Employment Discrimination: Evidence from a Series of Field Experiments across Canada”

Milkie, Melissa – One of Twenty Scholars in “Scholars’ Office Hours”

Nadon Bélanger, Michelle – “Conceptual manhood: Centering masculinity through gender performance in jazz music”

Parker, Sebastien – Presider in Roundtable: “Polarization”

Parker, Sebastien & Fosse, Ethan – “Dynamics of change: dissecting French socio-political divides”

Preston, Kayla – “Yesterday’s YouTube Teens, Today’s Far-Right Supporters: Canadian Right-Wing Youth Activists’ Introduction to Far-Right Media”

Richer, Zach – Presider in Roundtable: “Group Learning”

Richer, Zach; Haag, Julius; Vroom, Jonathan & Yeh, Catherine – “Writing as a Solidary Practice: Incorporating Group-Based Writing in Introductory Sociology Courses to Enhance Academic Wellbeing”

Sheely, Amanda – Discussant in Paper Session: “Social Welfare Programs”; Presider in Paper Session: “Carceral Control”

Sherwood, Yvonne P. – Panelist in Session: “In-solidarity: Centering Joy in Theorizing Intersectionality”

Silva, Tony; Hamdon, Carly; Kennedy, Emily; Johnston, Josée; Muzzerall, Parker – “How are Masculinity, Femininity, and Gender Polarization Associated with Beliefs about Climate Change?”

Sun, Yu-Hsuan – “‘Keep the Island, Not its People:’ Framing Online Chinese Nationalism in the 2024 Taiwanese Elections”

Tanaka, Yukiko & Cranford, Cynthia J. – “The Cumulative Disadvantage of Migration, Care and Employment: Dependent Migrants in Canada”

Wang, Zhen – “A Matter of Size: Varied Experiences of Deregulation”

Wilson, Alexander – “From Pierre Poilievre to Pierre Bourdieu: A Fields Approach to Populism”; Presider in Roundtable: “Theory”

Monday, August 12th

Adamyk, Natalie – “‘I feel like I’m changing people’s lives, even if it’s just two hours at a time:’ Understanding Contingent Instructors’ Emotional Agency in University Teaching”

Bass, Kristen – “The Use of Emotion in Media Framing of an Energy Transition in Canada’s Petroleum Industry”

Bryan, Timothy – “Drawing in experiences, and drawing out perceptions of street safety and danger in Halifax, Canada”; Presider in Paper Session: “Perspectives on Policing”

Catonio, Ash – Presider in Roundtable: “Youth and Sexuality”

Catonio, Ash & Fields, Jessica – Strategic Liminality: Young People Navigating LGBTQ+ Identity

Chen, Dawei – “China’s Eco-Civilization, Climate Leviathan, and Hobbesian Energy Transition”

Cranford, Cynthia J. – “Intersectional Solidarities in Carework”

Doering, Laura – Presider in Roundtable: “Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment”

Doering, Laura & Tilcsik, András – “Everyday Gender Discrimination in Remote and On-Site Work: Does Location Matter?”

Dokshin, Fedor A. – Presider in Paper Session: “Advances in Quantitative Methods”

Gherghina, Mircea; Dokshin, Fedor A. & Leffel, Benjamin – “After the Green Market: What Explains Inequalities in Solar PV Performance?”

Grigoryeva, Angelina – “The Shift to Stock-Based Compensation and Gender Inequality in Wealth in the United States”

Martin, Khalil & Dokshin, Fedor A. – “The Challenge of Differential Diffusion: A Framework for Promoting Equitable Social Change”

Miraj, Umaima – “Stretched Intimacies, Seditious Women: Colonial India and World War I in the Ghadar Moment”

Mogosanu, Andreea & Dinovitzer, Ronit – “Changing Inequality: Gender Differences in Perceptions of Agency at the Turn of the Century”

Pamplona, Roberta Silveira – “Gendering the Streets in Brazil: Institutional and Black Movements’ Narratives on Lethal Violence Against Women”

Plys, Kristin – Session Organizer, Presider, and Meeting Chair in Section: “Marxist Sociology”

Pritchard, Paul – Panelist in Session: “Connecting to Land: Joy, Health, Learning, and Indigenous Identity”

Richter, Lauren – “Structural Ignorance? Unmarked Whiteness in American Environmental Sociology”; Presider in Roundtable: “Ignorance and Ambiguity”

Roman Alfaro, Andrea Mariana – “Fractal Narratives: Intersections of Violence at the Urban Margins”

Ruef, Martin & Grigoryeva, Angelina – “Measures of Micro-Segregation”

Shakespear, Mark; Chen, Dawei & Miller, Jason Augustus – “Towards a Typology of Charisma: Conceptualizing Charisma from Weber to Durkheim and Beyond”

Sheely, Amanda – Presider in Session on Carceral Control

Sherwood, Yvonne P. – Organizer and Presider in Session: “Connecting to Land: Joy, Health, Learning, and Indigenous Identity”

Silver, Michelle Pannor – “Working in Place”

Smith, Chris M. – Organizer in Sessions: “Punishment and Inequality”; “Carceral Control”; & “Perspectives on Policing”; Presider in Roundtable: “Section on Crime, Law, and Deviance”

Xing, Tianyi – “The Proliferation of Episode of Contention: The Case of BLM Protests in Toronto”

Tuesday, August 13th

Alegria, Sharla N. – “Measuring Pay Gaps in Organizational Context”; Panelist in Session on Intersectional Methodologies and Building Epistemic Justice

Blute, Marion – “The updated evolutionary theory of density-dependent selection: applications and a demographic values contradiction”

Brett, Gordon – “The Normative Dimensions of Automatic and Deliberate Cognition”; Presider in Roundtable: “Evaluation, Morality, and Cognition”

Broćić, Miloš – “Expressive Individualism and Socialization”

Drapeau-Bisson, Marie-Lise & Taylor, Judith – “What Happens to Concepts? A Typology of Citational Relations and the case of ‘Abeyance’”

Erickson, Bonnie H. – “Ethnic Social Capitals and Their Varying Income Returns”

Fonarev, Elliot – “Communicative third spaces: Locating the transcendental and dialogic imperative in studies of social solidarity”

Gilboa, Ori & Levi, Ron – “Expertise during disrupted times: American classifications of Nazis and anti-Nazis in post-war Germany”

Hammond, Emily – “Negotiating the Fragmented Workplace: Gender Pathways to Risk Management in the Gig Economy”

Hammond, Michael – “Exponential Expansions in Social Evolution: The Case of Per Capita Income Averages”

Holmes, Andy & Ghaziani, Amin – ‘I Am What I Am When I Am’: Situational Fluidity and Expressive Identity Labels

Hyde, Zachary – “Condo Decoration or Artistic Critique? Community Debates over Real Estate Art Patronage in Vancouver”

Johnston, Josée – Early Career Professionalization Panel: Crafting Grant Proposals

Kaida, Lisa; Boyd, Monica & Dubash, Soli – “Occupational segregation of black and white immigrants in Canada: Results from the 2021 Canadian census”

Kulkarni, Veena S.; Nomaguchi, Kei & Milkie, Melissa – “Parenting Practices: Exploring Variations in Parental Time Across Ethnicity and Nativity Statuses in the United States”

Johnston, Josée – Panelist in Session: “Early Career Professionalization Panel: Crafting Grant Proposals”

Liang, Jiarui – “Cultural Capital and Personal Control”; Presider in Roundtable: “Student Experiences”

Martin, Khalil – “Trafficking Buzz in the Digitally Mediated City”

Roach, Patricia – “Claims-making Under Austerity: Broader Public Sector Union Contestation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada”; Presider in Roundtable: “Labor and Politics”

Roman Alfaro, Andrea Mariana – Discussant in Paper Session: “Creating Conflict, Negotiating Violence: Examining Ideology, Identity, Welfare, and Solidarity in Contexts of Armed Conflict”

Samim, Yagana & Shapiro, Ethan – “Improving Implicit Measures for Sociologists: Neutral Language Target Symbols (NLTSs) in the AMP”

Sbaï, Firdaous & Dokshin, Fedor A. – “The effect of community organizing on solar panel efficiency”

Stallone, Jessica – “Everyday Nationalism in Senior Homes in Quebec”

Tanaka, Yukiko – “Colonial Comparisons: The Possibilities and Limitations of Solidarity Between Postcolonial and Settler Colonial Subjects”

Teixeria-Poit, Stephanie Marie; Field, Bonnie; Gharbi, Vannessa; Lowe, Serena; Kendrick, Frances – “Policies and Processes Reproducing Racial Disparities in Length of Stay in Neonatal Intensive Care Units”

Ugarte Villalobos, Daniela – “Beyond the private sphere: The lack of family networks and its consequences in Venezuelan mothers”

Xie, Jieyi & Li, Yifang – “Public Museums, ‘Private’ Agenda? Hong Kong’s New Cultural Landmarks in WKCD”

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