Feminist Seminar: Trans-Inclusive Interventions within Institutions Possibilities, Limitations, and Strategies

When and Where

Monday, November 04, 2019 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Rm 238 Sociology


The Department of Sociology's recently established Ad Hoc Committee on Gender and Sexual Diversity will host a roundtable discussion exploring interventions for making educational institutions more inclusive for transgender and gender non-binary (trans) students. The conversation will include voices from both within and beyond academia to explore questions such as:
What makes interventions within educational institutions work? What makes them fail? What are the possibilities for and limitations of this approach to institutional change? How can we initiate, design, and implement effective strategies for change within the academy?

November 4th, 2019: 14:00-16:00
Sociology Lounge, Department of Sociology (Second Floor - accessibility, one flight of stairs down to elevator. Single stall, all-gender restroom available on the second floor)


Lee Airton: Dr. Airton is an Assistant Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies in Education at Queen's University. As a researcher, blogger, advocate and speaker, Dr. Airton focuses on enabling individuals and institutions to welcome gender and sexual diversity within everyday life. Dr. Airton is the author of Gender: Your Guide: A Gender-Friendly Primer on What to Know, What to Say, and What to Do in the New Gender Culture and the creator of the No Big Deal Campaign, a project that offers tools for people to show their support for transgender and/or nonbinary people and our pronouns in everyday life.

Elliot Fontarev: Elliot researches transgender inclusion in workplaces at the Institute for Gender and the Economy at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management while pursuing an MA in Sociology at UofT. Elliot is trained as a human rights lawyer and has worked in big and small organizations in Toronto, Cape Town (South Africa), London (UK), and Vienna (Austria). Elliot is a member of the department's ad hoc on gender and sexual diversity.

Ali Greey: Ali is a non-binary doctoral student in the Department of Sociology. Ali's work has investigated the ways in binary-gendered locker rooms and restrooms operate as sites of not only heightened gender scrutiny, but also as sites of racialized, ableist, and fat-phobic scrutiny. Ali is a member of the department's ad hoc on gender and sexual diversity.

Robin Waley: Robin Waley works at the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education as the Assistant Manager – Co-Curricular Diversity & Equity. He oversees a team of students who plan and implement student-led initiatives, events and programs that promote diversity, equity, inclusivity and physical and mental health on campus. Outside of the University, Robin is a yoga and meditation instructor.