Grad Student Writing Community of Practice: Literature Reviews

When and Where

Friday, October 28, 2022 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Room 240
Department of Sociology
725 Spadina Ave


The focus of this Sociology Graduate Student Writing Community of Practice is on the preparation of literature reviews. The session will begin with a short Tips & Strategies section which raises points for consideration and discussion, e.g.:

  1. To what extent does the quality and success of scholarly work depend on the quality of the literature review process?
  2. What makes for a high-quality literature review?

Following the Tips discussion, participants will work in pairs or small groups to offer peer feedback on each other’s draft (or completed) lit reviews. The meeting will close with a large group discussion of the challenges, pitfalls, and successful tactics for preparing high-quality lit reviews.

Lunch will be provided. All Sociology graduate students are invited to participate. Please RSVP – it will help us order the right amount of food and beverages. For any food allergies or special requests such as for vegan or vegetarian diets, send an email to


Contact Information


725 Spadina Ave