Guest Speaker: Dr. Ayyaz Mallick - Class, Space, and Crisis in Karachi

When and Where

Wednesday, December 09, 2020 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm


Dr. Ayyaz Mallick
Faculty of Environmental and Urban
Change, York University

December 9, 3-5pm (via zoom)
University of Toronto
Department of History

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Passcode: 459465

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9th Dec: Class, Space, and Crisis in Karachi  (Talk)

This talk draws upon Dr. Ayaaz Mallick's in progress book publication, tracing the evolution of working-class politics in one of South Asia's largest city, Karachi. The lecture will briefly discuss epistemological and methodological precepts for studying class formation. Special attention will be focused on the critical years between the mid-1970s to late-1980s characterized by the multi-layered processes through which the city's vibrant labour movement was pacified and politics ultimately dominated by (violent) ethnic populism(s). This entailed processes of concerted coercion, trasformismo, and severing of labour’s social-spatial mediations, while drawing upon emerging faultlines within the working class and urban space in the urbanized city of Karachi.