Navigating “Imposter Syndrome”: Claiming Our Space and Belonging in Academia

When and Where

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm


Virtual Table Talk Series by Anti-Racism and Equity Committee

Navigating “Imposter Syndrome”: Claiming Our Space and Belonging in Academia

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Self-doubt and anxiety are a common part of being in the culture of academia. What people commonly call “imposter syndrome” is an issue that impacts many of our working lives, especially for BIPoC and other marginalized groups. Although there are problems with the individualized language of “syndrome”x (as this article rightfully highlights the structural issues behind it), knowing its social and structural dimensions doesn’t mean that the feeling of self-doubt and other related issues simply go away. Combined with a sense of isolation, a persistent sense of self-doubt can be especially detrimental to participating in graduate seminars and the writing process in the academic profession. We envision this Table Talk to be an open space to have a dialogue about the “imposter syndrome” and sharing experiences and strategies, both individual and collective, from BIPoC faculty and students and among ourselves. Everyone is invited, and BIPoC and other marginalized graduate students and early career faculty are especially welcome.

Panelists: Andrea Román Alfaro, Emine Fidan Elcioglu, Neda Maghbouleh & Jason Pagaduan

Organizing Team: Rebecca Lennox & Hae Yeon Choo (Anti-Racism and Equity Committee), Mitra Mokhtari, Jennifer Peruniak