Navigating the TA System: A Panel Discussion

When and Where

Friday, December 02, 2022 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm
Rm 240
St. George Sociology
725 Spadina Ave. - Department of Sociology


Mitch McIvor, Ikee Gibson, Patty Roach, Kristin Bass, Brody Trottier, Elysha Daya & Jeremy Nichols 


Do you have questions about the TA system? Do you ever wonder how other people are managing their TA responsibilities with their academic work? Do you ever wonder why the UTM shuttle is a school bus? In this session we will explore some of the common questions people have about the University of Toronto TA system. We will also work to create a collective space for sharing strategies and promoting understanding of the system’s strengths and limitations. Please come with your questions, concerns, and your favorite stories of being a TA at U of T. This event is oriented towards graduate students but interested faculty are also welcome to attend.  


  1. Mitch McIvor 
  2. Ikee Gibson 
  3. Patty Roach 
  4. Kristin Bass  
  5. Brody Trottier
  6. Elysha Daya & Jeremy Nichols 

Lunch will be served! 


725 Spadina Ave. - Department of Sociology