Symposium: MeToo in Asia

When and Where

Friday, March 11, 2022 9:00 am to 9:30 pm


Dear colleagues,

Hope your semester is going well. I am writing to share the program and the posters for the virtual symposium on MeToo in Asia on March 11, 2022, which is organized by the Centre for the Study of Korea, and our Sociology department is co-sponsoring, for the week of the International Women’s Day. The symposium is divided into Part 1 in the morning (two panels on MeToo in East Asia and South Asia, featuring many sociologists) and Part 2 in the evening (poetry reading by Choi Young-Mi, a key figure of MeToo movement in South Korea, and the conversation with the directors of After MeToo documentary), Please see the event page for details, which has separate zoom registration links here:

Part 1: Munk School

Part 2: Munk School

I attach two posters and the full symposium program. Please register in advance, and share with colleagues! The event is free and open to public. Thank you so much, and looking forward to seeing you at the symposium,
Hae Yeon.

Hae Yeon Choo
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
University of Toronto Mississauga

Interim Director, Centre for the Study of Korea