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Help Available in Sociology

Speak to Jeremy Nichols, the Department's Graduate Program Assistant, about general inquiries, and  issues related to admissions, enrolment, awards and teaching assistantships. Kerstin Giannini, our Graduate Administrator, is available to provide academic counseling, and to discuss program requirements and progress towards the degree. Suzanne Jaeger, the Department's Research Coordinator, provides support for graduate student research by offering group sessions on grant-writing for SSHRC applications and one-on-one support for the non-mandatory funding applications (programs other than SSHRC fellowships and OGS). She also provides feedback on research ethics protocols for graduate level research after students have worked with their supervisors.

For payroll issues, students need to speak to the business officer administering the fund through which they are being paid. This will often be Carmen Ho but if they are TAing at UTM or UTSC or are working as a Research Assistant for a faculty member appointed to UTM or UTSC, students should contact those offices. Carmen Ho distributes keys for the graduate student office space, and John Manalo supports the IT needs of the department.

Academic Resources in the University

The School of Graduate Studies offers a number of academic services for graduate students including academic writing and speaking assistance, building your graduate community and professional skills development sessions, among others.

The library system is one of the top-ranked academic libraries in North America and offers unparalleled resources to graduate students at the University of Toronto. Students conducting research with human participants will need to work with the Office of Research Ethics; the office presents annual workshops for students planning ethics protocols.

Supports for Student Well being and Safety

Students can access wellness services sponsored by The School of Graduate Studies that have the needs of graduate students in mind as well as supports available to all students. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the services at your disposal. Some of the services that our students find useful include health and mental health resources (accepting either OHIP or UHIP coverage), wellness workshops, and the Centre for International Experience.

The university has a number of resources to help safeguard student safety and provide support for people who need help.  Please familiarize with all of the services available through the campus safety offices.

Academic Appeals

Graduate students may appeal an academic matter (e.g., mark in a course, comprehensive exam result). As indicated on the School of Graduate Studies website, the first step in the appeal process is to attempt to resolve the matter with the instructor or other person whose ruling is in question. Should the matter not be resolved with the instructor, and should the student wish to pursue the matter, the student must discuss the matter with the Graduate Associate Chair (Prof. Vanina Leschziner: Should the matter remain unresolved, the student would provide a formal written appeal which would go to the Graduate Department Academic Appeals Committee (GDAAC).

More details about the jurisdiction, composition, and procedures of the GDDAC can be found on the SGS website.