Assistant Professor Kristin Plys publishes "Theories of Antifascism in the Interwar Mediterranean Part I: Fascism in the Longue Durée"

August 31, 2022 by Suzanne Jaeger

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Kristin Plys for her recent publication of "Theories of Antifascism in the Interwar Mediterranean, Part I: Fascism in the Longue Durée" in the Journal of World-Systems Research. The article addresses recent increases in authoritarian political rule across the globe as one facet of the current crisis in the capitalist world-system. Plys takes an historical perspective comparing current-day contexts with 20th century situations that led to the rise of authoritariam regimes. She revisits the lessons learned about the limitations of Liberalism from the contestation of Fascism and Communism to suggest what's important in the fight against a resurgance of authortarianism. The full article is available on the journal website.