Congratulations to Marie-Lise Drapeau-Bisson, recipient of a postdoctoral SSHRC Grant

March 21, 2022 by Suzanne Jaeger

Marie-Lise Drapeau-Bisson, PhD Student at the University of Toronto, recently received a postdoctoral SSHRC Grant for her project "Books and Unusual Archives: An Analysis of Intimate Feminist Memory Work in Québec", supervised and hosted by Ann Cvetkovich at the Pauline Jewett Institute for Women and Gender Studies at Carleton. The postdoctoral research project extends her dissertation findings on the reception and commemoration of political books by investigating how activists use commemoration to escape erasure. The commemoration of L'Euguélionne "foregrounds the tension between the necessity of keeping movement histories alive along with the importance of renewal within the movement, a tension underexplored in the analysis of memory work in social movement studies".

Drapeau-Bisson's dissertation, "Reading, Evaluating and Commemorating Feminism: Excluding and reviving dynamics in the reception of L'Euguélionne in Québec" is supervised by Judith Taylor with committee members including Shyon Baumann and Josée Johnston. Her dissertation focuses on cultural reception, commemoration, cultural intermediaries, method of reading, qualitative methods, Sociology of Art, Feminist studies, Québec studies, and L'Euguélionne. Her research relies on "the premise that political books are more than a receptacle of movement ideas. They are texts that reveal and put words on felt oppression, thus providing solace to some readers while challenging others; they are works that resist artistic norms and often confront literary institutions; and they are objects that can garner solidarity amongst readers and nurture one’s connection to the movement."

Recent publications include:

Drapeau-Bisson, Marie-Lise (Forthcoming) “Critical Appraisal and Masculine Authority: The Boys' Club’s Derogatory Method of Reading Canadian Feminist Speculative Fiction” in Cultural Sociology

Drapeau-Bisson, Marie-Lise (2019) “Beyond Green and Orange: Alliance for Choice – Derry’s mobilisation for the Decriminalisation of Abortion” in Irish Political Studies, 35(1): 25.

Drapeau-Bisson, Marie-Lise, Francis Dupuis-Déri and Marcos Ancelovici (2014) “‘La grève est étudiante, la lutte est populaire!’ Manifestations de casseroles et assembles de quartier” in Un Printemps rouge et noir, regards croisés sur le grève étudiante de 2012,edited by Marcos Ancelovici and Francis Duipuis-Déri, Montréal: Écosociété.

More about Marie-Lise Drapeau-Bisson, her dissertation and research, and other publications, can be found on her website.