Congratulations to University of Toronto Professor Ron Levi for an award-winning co-authored article

September 5, 2023 by Suzanne Jaeger

Ron Levi is a Professor at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy and the Department of Sociology, and Distinguished Professor of Global Justice. He and his co-authors recently received the American Sociology Association’s Best Publication Award from the ASA’s Mental Health section. The award, granted to Levi and his co-authors (Laura Upenieks, Ioana Sendroiu, and John Hagan), is for the article entitled, “Beliefs about Legality and Benefits for Mental Health” published by the Journal of Health and Social Behavior (Vol. 63(2) 266-282). The significance of the article is the  evidence it provides that everyday beliefs about the justice of our legal institutions have effects for health in ways similar to other institutional determinants of health, such as religion, educational systems, and workplaces.  The full article is available on the journal website