The Dark Knight's Stark Encounters with Provisional Selves and Frame Breaks: Antonio Scarfone published in U of T's Undergraduate Sociology Journal

January 10, 2019 by Kate Paik

Antonio Scarfone  published an article entitled "The Dark Knight's Stark Encounters with Provisional Selves and Frame Breaks" in Volume I of the Undergraduate Sociology Journal (USJ).  His work examines how individuals must overcome unmet expectations that require strength, adaptation, and perseverance while shaping their identities and careers. Throughout these identity formations, individuals adopt provisional selves in the hopes of developing their master selves. In so doing, experiences with identity crises, or frame breaks, emerge and have to be dealt with accordingly. Antonio examines Christian Bale, as Batman in The Dark Knight Rises (2012), to elaborate on these sociological phenomena and bring to the forefront the paradox of heroism elicited in the film. He seeks to illuminate the broader implications that these sociological forces have on our understandings of crime and deviance in society. Ultimately, Antonio's analysis illustrates how battles with identity formation should not be interpreted on the surface, because they involve a complex interplay between the individual and society, which requires a more nuanced perspective.

Antonio is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto and a recipient of an Honours Bachelor of Arts. He completed a major in sociology and a double-minor in history and philosophy of science and bioethics. During his undergraduate studies – while he was initially interested in the health care field – he pursued sociology of health because it allowed for him to study both health and sociology in one discipline. He was particularly interested in the focus on group dynamics in sociology, due to its psychological undertone, which goes beyond examining the individual; it links behaviour to aspects of their lives such as environment, family and religion. These aspects also impact public policy, human resource issues, and other social institutions. For these reasons, Antonio is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resources at the University of Toronto. After completing his studies, he hopes to become a consultant or human resource manager in a health-related discipline within a hospital or a supplementary consulting firm.