Double kudos to PhD Student Andy Holmes: Featured on Global News and with a new publication!

August 14, 2023 by Shreeya Lamba

Congratulations to Sociology PhD Student Andy Holmes for his recent feature on Global News and for his new publication in the journal, Theory and Society

The interview, which aired during Vancouver’s Pride Week, invited Holmes to discuss his research with UBC Sociology Professor Amin Ghaziani on the coming-out experiences of Vancouverites. According to their research, which included 52 interviews conducted with LGBTQ+ individuals living in Vancouver, there are shifting trends in opinions about coming out and sexuality as a whole. To some, coming out as a minority sexuality is a deeply personal and symbolic indication of their identity, while for others, it is viewed as an unremarkable life event that has little impact on their identity or sense of self. Holmes explained that in the broader public, there is an unprecedented mix of acceptance and criticism today towards sexual and gender diversity, which may explain what he characterizes as the ambivalence of the contemporary coming-out experience that is revealed by his and Ghaziani's research.

To watch the interview, visit the Global News website. To read Holmes and Ghaziani’s research, visit the Theory and Society online publication.