Faculty Member Kristin Plys has her book "Capitalism and its Uncertain Future" published

January 19, 2022 by Emma Robins

Professor of Sociology Kristin Plys (Ph.D. 2016, Sociology, Yale University) recently had her book, “Capitalism and its Uncertain Future”, co-authored with Charles Lemert, published by Routledge. This book follows the theories of capitalism from four perspectives: macro-historical theories of the origins of capitalism; postcolonial theories of capitalism that situate capitalism as seen from the Global South; theories of capitalism from the perspective of labor; and prospective theories of capitalism’s uncertain future. In addition to these perspectives, the book introduces readers to various well-known and lesser-known theorists. The book can be purchased here.

Professor Plys’ research sits at the intersection of political economy, postcolonial theory, labour and labour movements, historical sociology, and global area studies. The greater part of her intellectual work analyzes the historical trajectory of global capitalism as seen from working class and anti-colonial movements in the Global South. This research program has led her to take a particular interest in Marxist political economy, social protest against authoritarianism in the 1970s Global South, avant-garde visual art as left politics in the Global South, labour history and histories of café culture, and historical method.

She has published articles in a range of journals, including Theory and SocietyTheory, Culture and Society, Review(Fernand Braudel Center), Critical Sociology, European Journal of Sociology, and Economic and Political Weekly. In addition to sociology, she is affiliated with the Centre for South Asian Civilizations (UTM) and Culinaria (UTSC).

More on Professor Kristin Plys, her accomplishments, and her publications can be found here.

The book launch for "Capitalism and its Uncertain Future" will be happening Friday, January 21st at 12pm EST. Anyone is welcome to register here. The event will feature commentary on the book by Nancy Fraser, Beverly Silver, Kanishka Goonewardena, and Aziz Fall.