Grad Students Anna Kuznetsov and Firdaous Sbaï Receive CSA Awards

June 15, 2023 by Shreeya Lamba

Congratulations to Anna Kuznetsov and Firdaous Sbaï for winning student research awards from the Canadian Sociological Association.

Kuznetsov received the 2023 Sociology of Health Research Cluster's Best Student Paper Award for her paper, “Breastfeeding in Sociology: Overlooked and Misunderstood”. The paper examines the mental and physical impacts of breastfeeding on women and their gender and familial identities and explores, through a sociological lens, the often overlooked negative experiences that mothers can have of breastfeeding. The paper was presented at the CSA Conference in the session Sociology of Medicine, Health, and Illness: Women’s Health.

Sbaï received the 2023 Best Student Paper Award for her paper, “Racial disproportionality in incarceration: measuring the legacy of racial history”. In the paper, she uses comparative-historical methods in combination with quantitative analyses to study the impact of historical racial repression on disproportionate incarceration for seven ethno-racial groups. The evidence suggests, says Sbaï, that in both Canada and America, historical racial repression predicts higher disproportional imprisonment rates for groups. The award committee commended Sbaï’s mixed methodological approach and her thought-provoking contributions to sociological literature.  

To learn more about Kuznetsov’s award, paper, and conference, visit the CSA award posting. To learn more about Sbaï’s award and paper, visit the CSA Student Paper Award posting