Graduate Student Yukiko Tanaka Publishes “Healing Toward Interdependency” in the Journal of International Migration and Integration

July 12, 2022 by Hongyi Li

Yukiko Tanaka recently published a chapter of her dissertation entitled “Healing Toward Interdependency: Building Skills and Resistance through Immigrant and Indigenous Employment” in the Journal of International Migration and Integration. Tanaka is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology. She also completed her M.A. at U of T. Her areas of research include studies of immigration, gender, race, and ethnicity. Her dissertation research explores the possibilities and limitations of building solidarity between immigrants and Indigenous peoples through the immigrant settlement community. The full article can be found on the journal website and below is a brief capture from the article abstract:

“This article examines an employment program run by an immigrant settlement agency in Saskatoon, Canada, that brings Indigenous people and immigrants together to build their employment skills and learn about each other’s cultures. Through participant observation, interviews, and sharing circles, I analyze the possibilities for building solidarity and resistance to neoliberalism within the structure of a state-funded program.”