Professor Fidan Elcioglu's book, Divided by the Wall, a finalist for prestigious C.Wright Mills Award

May 7, 2021 by Sherri Klassen

Congratulations to Professor Fidan Elcioglu, whose book, Divided by the Wall, is one of seven finalists for the Society for the Study of Social Problem’s C. Wright Mills Award. According to the notice of award, Professor Elcioglu's book was included among the seven finalists from a pool of 98 strong contenders. The committee noted that the Divided by the Wall "represents cutting-edge sociological scholarship, both empirically and theoretically."

The C. Wright Mills Award is presented annually. In naming this book a finalist, the committee is attesting that it critically addresses an issue of contemporary public importance, brings to the topic a fresh, imaginative perspective, advances social scientific understanding of the topic, displays a theoretically informed view and empirical orientation, evinces quality in style of writing, and explicitly or implicitly contains implications for courses of action.