Professor Jan Doering publishes “How Discrimination Narratives Resolve Ambiguity”

March 15, 2024 by Juanita Lam

Congratulations to Professor Jan Doering on a new publication in Social Problems. The article, “How Discrimination Narratives Resolve Ambiguity: The Case of Islamophobia in Quebec,” draws on approximately 80 hours of participant observation and 41 interviews with Muslim Quebecers to understand Muslims’ experiences of Islamophobia. Doering argues that individuals in marginalized communities manage ambiguous discrimination by drawing on ‘discrimination narratives’, “collective beliefs about discrimination’s patterns and features within a given social environment”. He finds that Muslim Quebecers draw on discrimination narratives to classify ambiguous negative interactions, identify high-risk social situations, and – in anticipating discrimination – adjust.

Professor Doering’s research speaks to how individuals respond to increasingly ambiguous discrimination and microaggressions. Read the full article in Social Problems.

Jan Doering is Assistant Professor in Sociology at the University of Toronto. His research lies in the areas of colonialism, racialization, and Indigeneity, qualitative methods, and urban sociology.