Professor Neda Maghbouleh interviewed on KMSU Weekly Reader (89.7FM)

January 9, 2018 by Kathy Tang

Sociology Professor Neda Maghbouleh recently appeared in a interview on the KMSU Weekly Reader, discussing her research and recently published book, The Limits of Whiteness: Iranian Americans and the Everyday Politics of Race. Professor Maghbouleh is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto with teaching responsibilities on the UTM campus. Her research focuses on racism and immigration, with a particular interest in the experiences of groups from the broad Middle East. The Limits of Whiteness was published in September 2017 with Stanford University Press.

The KMSU Weekly Reader is a weekly radio program produced by graduate students at the Minnesota State University, Mankato. The program features interviews with authors hosted by graduate students at the university.

The full interview is available for listening here.