Professor Patricia Landolt on the impact of Covid-19 on non-status migrant workers

March 31, 2022 by Suzanne Jaeger

Sociology Professor Patricia Landolt recently contributed to a City News story about the impact of Covid-19 on the health and finances of non-status migrant workers. Following Landolt’s survey, conducted in collaboration with a York University Colleague and the FCJ Refugee Centre in Toronto, City News reported that because migrant workers, many of whom are essential workers, do not have legal status in Canada, they were without financial supports, such as the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. Maintaining jobs, housing, and access to food throughout the pandemic became extremely difficult. Many were pressured by employers to return to work despite being covid positive. The full City News story is available here.  The City News report coverage is based on the following report: Borras, Jana, Luin Goldring and Patricia Landolt. 2021. Pandemic Precarities: Immigration Status, Work, Housing, and Health Among Current and Former Non-status Residents of Toronto. Toronto: FCJ Refugee Centre and CEP Project.