Professor Scott Schieman Featured on CP24

August 2, 2023 by Shreeya Lamba

Congratulations to Professor Scott Schieman for his recent feature on CP24. 

Schieman, whose research focuses on the role work plays in everyday life – including personal identity, class, and well-being – was invited to a discussion about the implications of a Canadian pilot project that tested the success of a four-day work week. During the segment, Schieman outlined the pros and cons of this new structure and raised concerns about how it might clash with the current culture surrounding work. While Schieman acknowledged the proven mental and physical benefits for employees, he also suggested that the flexibility offered by stretching out a week’s work into five days might be better for some. Schieman concluded by pointing out that it remains to be seen how rising anti-work and anti-productivity culture among workers might clash with the productivity levels expected with a shorter work week. 

To hear the full interview, visit the UofT Archive