Sociology Graduate Student Taylor Price Featured in University Affairs

August 2, 2023 by Shreeya Lamba

Congratulations to Sociology Doctoral Candidate Taylor Price for publishing an article in University Affairs, an online magazine which is a source of information for the academic community. 

The article, titled “I’m not afraid of ChatGPT in my classroom,” is an opinion piece within the magazine’s Career Advice section. Price, who also teaches courses in Sociology at the University of Toronto, reflects on his own experience integrating the generative AI software ‘ChatGPT’ into his course on the sociology of culture. He asked his students to generate a research proposal through ChatGPT and then to evaluate the AI’s work under standard grading guidelines.  

In response to rising concerns among teachers about AI’s implications for academic integrity, Price offers the results of his assignment as a positive sign. While the AI could generate high-quality work in some instances, it was not perfect, and his students’ ability to analyze and critique AI-generated work in the context of the course was the key to determining if they had truly grasped the course content. To effectively grade the AI’s work, a student had to themselves understand the content being graded. According to Price, in this instance, AI did not impede learning. 

To Price, AI can be a tool students use to enhance their academic work. Technological change is inevitable, and trust between teachers and students must be prioritized in order to facilitate the ideal learning environment in the face of new and emerging technologies. 

To read the full article, visit the University Affairs website.