Sophie Marois Awarded the 2022-2023 Edward Herberg Fellowship

November 10, 2022 by Mauricio Gerdes

Congratulations to Sociology Ph.D. student Sophie Marois for receiving the Edward Herberg Fellowship. This award recognizes a sociology student who is conducting research in the area of Canadian ethnoracial-religious communities. Sophie’s research on Commemorative Politics: Examining the Memory of the Québec City Mosque Shooting was unanimously selected by the committee as this year’s winner. Marois is in the second year of the Ph.D. Sociology program, and currently taking the research practicum course. She is conducting a related research project titled ‘Unsettled Mourning: Grief and Grievances in the Wake of Anti-Muslim Violence in Canada’. In this project, Marois is examining commemorations of the 2017 Québec City Mosque massacre as well as the 2021 London, ON, truck attack.
Once again, congratulations Sophie!