Statement Regarding Racialized Violence

June 8, 2020 by Sherri Klassen

Racialized violence is an endemic problem of Canadian society. The most recent examples of violence against Black people have sparked outrage around the world. Each instance of police brutality threatens not just individuals but the legitimacy of society as a whole. These instances are not isolated events. They are connected to larger systems that reproduce racial inequalities which are particularly pernicious for Black and Indigenous communities. This social and political context is painful and dire.

As members (faculty, staff and graduate students) of the Tri-campus Department of Sociology at University of Toronto, we do not pretend that a statement will ameliorate racism in Canada, or even in our own department. Still, we must take action to address racism in Canadian society. Our department can do more, and MUST do more.

In the short term, we the undersigned agree to dedicate our resources and time to organizations that support Black Canadians. In the medium term, we the undersigned agree to assist in the promotion and realization of departmental policy and programming on these issues in the next academic year. In the long-term, we the undersigned agree to redouble our efforts to diversify our community and create a more inclusive anti-racist environment.

Adam Isaiah Green

Ali Greey

Alicia Eads

Andreea Mogosanu

Andrew Nevin

Anelyse Weiler

Angela Hick

Anson Au

Blair Wheaton

Bonnie Fox

Bonnie H. Erickson

Brigid Burke

Carmen Lamothe

Chris Smith

Christian Caron

Cinthya Guzman

Clayton Childress

Cynthia Cranford

Dan Silver

David Pettinicchio

Ellen Berrey

Elliot Fonarev

Elysha Daya

Emily Hammond

Erik Schneiderhan

Ethan Fosse

Fedor Dokshin

Fernando Calderón Figueroa

Fidan Elcioglu

Gail Super

Hae Yeon Choo

Hammad Khan

Irene Boeckmann

Ito Peng

James Lannigan

Jayne Baker

Jessica Fields

Jillian Sunderland

Jooyoung Lee

Jordan Foster

Josée Johnston

Joseph M. Bryant

Josh Harold

Judith Taylor

Julia Ingenfeld

Kathy Liddle

Kim Pernell

Kristin Plys

Lisa Iesse

Luisa Farah Schwartzman

Man Xu

Marion Blute

Markus Schafer

Martin Lukk

Melissa Milkie

Merin Oleschuk

Michelle Silver

Neda Maghbouleh

Nicholas D Spence

Noam Keren

Pat Louie

Patrick Leduc

Paul Nelson

Paula Maurutto

Phil Goodman

Philip Badawy

Ping-Chun Hsiung

Rachel La Touche

Rania Salem

Ronit Dinovitzer

Rebecca Lennox

S. W. Underwood

Sagi Ramaj

Scott Schieman

Sebastien Parker

Sharla Alegria

Shawn Perron

Sherri Klassen

Shyon Baumann

Sida Liu

Sitao Li

Soli Dubash

Steve Hoffman

Tahseen Shams

Tyler Bateman

Vanina Leschziner

Weiguo Zhang

Yifang Li

Yoonkyung Lee

Youngrong Lee

Yukiko Tanaka

Yvonne Daoleuxay